Welcome to Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and 8 March each year is International Women’s Day. Such an event begs the question, why are we celebrating women’s history, in particular? The sad answer is that, like Black and LGBTQ+ people, women have been systematically left out of recorded history or quietly erased from what was taught to future generations. Women have been among the great mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, and artists of history but very few of them are widely known. While Kitching (2021) comments that there has been movement towards redressing the balance and starting to give women from history greater prominence over the past 20 years, much more needs to be done to undo the centuries of distortion to which our received History has been subjected.

A women's political march in the USA representing a variety of causes, all aligned with anti-fascism and promoting a more tolerant and inclusive society.
A women’s political march in the USA.

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Kitching, P. (2021, March 1). March is Women’s History Month. Historical Association. https://www.history.org.uk/historian/news/3922/march-is-womens-history-month

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