University Collect (Covid test kits)

NHS Covid-19 laminar flow test kit, opened to show its contents
An NHS Covid-19 laminar flow test kit

As you probably already know, you can collect Covid-19 lateral flow self-test kits from the University Library. What we have perhaps not made sufficiently clear is that only library staff can hand out these test kits; our Security Team cannot.

Library staff will not be working between 5 pm on Thursday 23 December 2021 and 9 am on Tuesday 4 January 2022. If you want to collect any Covid test kits from the Library for use over the holiday period, you will therefore need to collect them before 5 pm this Thursday.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute! You can collect kits between 9 am and 5 pm any day this week. If you leave it until 5 pm on Thursday, you might be delayed and miss out, we might run out of test kits if there were to be an enormous last minute rush, and it is unfair to our Reception Team if they have to stay late to issue test kits.

Thanks, and have a restful, safe holiday! We’ll see you all again, hopefully in person, bright and early in the new year.

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