New eBooks – September 2020

The following is a list of new ebooks received by the Library during September 2020 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
A feminist critique of education : 15 years of gender d  
A guide to national security : threats, responses and s Richards, Julian (Julian James)
A performance cosmology : testimony from the future, ev  
Advances in ground-source heat pump systems / editor, S  
Affect and literature [electronic resource] / edited by  
Akrasia in Greek philosophy [electronic resource] : fro  
Aristotle’s metaphysics Lambda : annotated critical edi Alexandru, Stefan, 1966-
Biopolitics and the ‘obesity epidemic’ : governing bodi  
Body image in the primary school [electronic resource] Hutchinson, Nicky
Climate, clothing, and agriculture in prehistory : link Gilligan, Ian
Do morals matter? : presidents and foreign policy from Nye, Joseph S.
Doing projects and reports in engineering / Samuel Bru¨ Larsen, Samuel Bru¨ning
Economic growth and income inequality in China, India a Mukhopadhaya, Pundarik
Economy of force [electronic resource] : counterinsurge Owens, Patricia, 1975-
Ethics and process in the narrative study of lives / Ru  
European identities and foreign policy discourses on Ru Siddi, Marco
Fashion stylists : history, meaning and practice / edit  
Forensic criminology / Andy Williams Williams, Andy, 1973-
General Radiography : Principles and Practices / edited  
Handbook of critical international relations / edited b  
Hassan Fathy and continuity in Islamic arts and archite HŽa¯mid, AhŽmad
Heat pump : performance and applications / Tea Espenson  
How to write about theatre / Mark Fisher ; foreword by Fisher, Mark
Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame : the rise of a pop Deflem, Mathieu
Language and sexuality [electronic resource] / Deborah Cameron, Deborah, 1958-
Language education in a changing world : challenges and Bolitho, Rod
Leadership in colonial Africa : disruption of tradition  
Life is a game : what game design says about the human Castronova, Edward
Lived spaces of infant-toddler education and care : exp  
Logotype [electronic resource] / Michael Evamy Evamy, Michael
Making Disability Modern : Design Histories / edited by  
Medieval Damascus : plurality and diversity in an Arabi Hirschler, Konrad
Mobility justice : the politics of movement in the age Sheller, Mimi
Neural machine translation [electronic resource] / Phil Koehn, Philipp
Never Trump : the revolt of the conservative elites / R Saldin, Robert P., 1977-
Non-binary lives : an anthology of intersecting identit  
Performing Endurance : Art and Politics since 1960 / Li Shalson, Lara
Poetics and Place: The Architecture of Sign [electronic Kreider, Kristen
Practice as research [electronic resource] : approaches  
Process tracing [electronic resource] : from metaphor t  
Punishment and politics [electronic resource] : evidenc Tonry, Michael H.
Rape justice : beyond the criminal law / edited by Anas  
Revolutionary Egypt : connecting domestic and internati  
Scholarship of teaching and learning in criminology / D  
Searching for socialism : the project of the labour new Panitch, Leo
Sex, Class and Realism : British Cinema 1956-1963 / Joh Hill, John
Sexual Offending : A Criminological Perspective / edito  
Shaping EU foreign policy towards Russia : improving co Thaler, Philipp
Sport and the home front : wartime Britain at play, 193 Taylor, Matthew
Sprache und Tourismus : Eine Analyse deutschsprachiger E. Meiwes, Emmanuela
Support workers and the health professions : the invisi  
The Dynamics of Bride Price in Zimbabwe and the UK Dias Mubaiwa, Ottis
The European Union and Africa [electronic resource] : t Brown, William
The Flaneur / edited by Keith Tester  
The infinite playground : a player’s guide to imaginati De Koven, Bernard
The Insiders’ Guide to Factual Filmmaking [electronic r Stark, Tony
The International Criminal Court and complementarity [e  
The Middle Ground [electronic resource] : Indians, Emp White, Richard
The Opium War [electronic resource] : drugs, dreams and Lovell, Julia, 1975-
The Palgrave handbook of EU-Asia relations / edited by  
The transformative power of performance [electronic res Fischer-Lichte, Erika
Theatre/archaeology / Mike Pearson, Michael Shanks Pearson, Mike, 1949-
Thinking German translation : a course in translation m  
Tudor rebellions / Anthony Fletcher and Diarmaid MacCul Fletcher, Anthony
UML requirements modeling for business analysts / Norma Daoust, Norman
Understanding architecture [electronic resource] : an i Conway, Hazel
Understanding children’s behaviour : learning to be wit Tassoni, Penny
Unthinking Eurocentrism : multiculturalism and the medi Shohat, Ella, 1959-
Victimology : research, policy and activism / Jacki Tap  
What Is Architecture? : An Essay on Landscapes, Buildin Shepheard, Paul
What makes a good primary school teacher? : expert clas Gipps, C. V.
Why civil resistance works [electronic resource] : the Chenoweth, Erica, 1980-
Women writing and directing in the USA [electronic reso Pipino, Kiara
Women writing the neo-Victorian novel : erotic Victori Renk, Kathleen J., 1952-

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