New Books – September 2020

The following is a list of new books received in the Library during September 2020 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
005.1068 Specification by example : how successful teams deliver Adzic, Gojko
005.117 BDD in action : behavior-driven development for the who Smart, John Ferguson
005.12 Writing great specifications : using specification by e Nicieja, Kamil
005.3 The cucumber book : behaviour-driven development for te Wynne, Matt
006.8 Artificial intelligence meets augmented reality : redef Lele, Chitra
026.34 BIALL handbook of legal information management / edited  
070.449796 Sporting realities : critical readings of the sports do  
110 Aristotle’s metaphysics Lambda : annotated critical edi Alexandru, Stefan, 1966-
110 Metaphysics Aristotle
111.85 Introducing aesthetics and the philosophy of art / Darr Hick, Darren Hudson
111.85 The avant-garde : race, religion, war / Mike Sell Sell, Mike, 1967-
128.1 Iamblichus De anima : text, translation, and commentary Iamblichus, approximately 250-approximately 3
152.14 Information visualization : perception for design / Col Ware, Colin
153 Design for cognitive bias / David Dylan Thomas Thomas, David Dylan
155 Human growth & development Beckett, Chris, 1955-
155 The developing person through the life span / Kathleen Berger, Kathleen Stassen
158.3 Nelson-Jones’ theory and practice of counselling and ps Nelson-Jones, Richard
158.3 Tales for coaching : using stories and metaphors with i Parkin, Margaret
158.7 Business psychology and organizational behaviour / Euge McKenna, Eugene F.
160 Aristotle – categories ; : and, De interpretatione / tr Aristotle
174.907 What’s the point of news? : a study in ethical journali Harcup, Tony
186.4 Iamblichus, de mysteriis / translated with an introduct Iamblichus, approximately 250-approximately 3
193 Leibniz : discourse on metaphysics / G.W. Leibniz ; tra Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 164
195 A Croce reader : aesthetics, philosophy, history, and l Croce, Benedetto, 1866-1952
200 The underlying religion : an introduction to the perenn  
302.23 Introduction to multimodal analysis Ledin, Per
302.23082 Gender, media and voice : communicative injustice and p Kay, Jilly Boyce
302.231091732 The internet city : people, companies, systems and vehi Kellerman, Aharon
304.2094 Cities and cultural landscapes : recognition, celebrati  
305.309420903 Gender and space in early modern England / Amanda Flath Flather, Amanda
305.409 Gender and change : agency, chronology and periodisatio  
305.42 Routledge handbook of gender and feminist geographies /  
305.4209 Feminisms : a global history / Lucy Delap Delap, Lucy
306.072 Digital ethnography : principles and practice / Sarah P Pink, Sarah
306.0721 Digital ethnography : principles and practice / Sarah P Pink, Sarah
306.42 Knowledge resistance : how we avoid insight from others Klintman, Mikael, 1968-
306.7072 Researching sex and sexualities / edited by Charlotte M  
306.768 When harry became sally : responding to the transgender Anderson, Ryan T., 1981-
306.893092 In spite of everything : a memoir / Susan Gregory Thoma Thomas, Susan Gregory
307.76 Information innovation technology in smart cities / Lei International Conference on Innovations in In
307.760285 Smart cities cybersecuity and privacy / edited by Danda  
307.760285 The smart city in a digital world / Vincent Mosco Mosco, Vincent
320.557 Understanding political Islam / Franc¸ois Burgat, trans Burgat, Franc¸ois
323.6094 The politics of mobile citizenship in Europe / Nora Sik Siklodi, Nora
325.73 Migrating to prison : America’s obsession with locking Garciá Herna´ndez, Ce´sar Cuauhte´moc
330 Essentials of economics / N. Gregory Mankiw Mankiw, N. Gregory
330.15 Recharting the history of economic thought / edited by  
331.25 A world without work : technology, automation, and how Susskind, Daniel
331.4091767 Economic empowerment of women in the Islamic world : th  
338.9 How innovation works / Matt Ridley Ridley, Matt
340.54 Roman Private law Founded on the ‘Institutes’ of Gaius Leage, R. W. (Richard William), 1869-
340.9166 International trust and divorce litigation / edited by  
341.2422 The new European community : decisionmaking and institu  
342.40858 Regulating privacy : data protection and public policy Bennett, Colin J. (Colin John), 1955-
343.420998 McNae’s essential law for journalists Hanna, Mark, 1957 May 10-
344.420313 Law for social workers Carr, Helen
348.411 The acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, 1424-1707 / Sc Scotland,
349.42 The solicitor’s handbook 2019 / Gregory Treverton-Jones Treverton-Jones, G. D.
362.173 Transcultural concepts in nursing care / edited by Marg  
363.254 Interviewing and investigation : smart talk / Denise Ki Gosselin, Denise Kindschi, 1954-
363.289 Introduction to security Fischer, Robert J.
363.330973 Gunslinging justice : the American culture of gun viole Joyce, Justin A.
363.349272 Reducing disaster : early warning systems for climate c  
364 Criminology and penology : theories on crime and punish  
364.152320820973 American female serial killers : the full encyclopedia Berry, Brian
364.15232092 Furious hours : murder, fraud and the last trial of Har Cep, Casey N.
370.71 Introduction to education studies Bartlett, Steve
370.711 The Routledge education studies reader / edited by Jame  
370.72 How to read & understand educational research / James W Williams, James
374.1102 Reflective teaching in further, adult and vocational ed Gregson, Margaret
378.155 How to make your doctoral research relevant : insights  
381.142065 Bezonomics : how Amazon is changing our lives and what Dumaine, Brian
394.13094109034 Drinking in Victorian and Edwardian Britain : beyond th Hands, Thora
428.24071 English for academic purposes : an advanced resource bo Hyland, Ken
500 The reality bubble / Ziya Tong Tong, Ziya
509.2 Al-Khwa¯rizmi¯ : the beginnings of algebra / edited, wi  
510 Leibniz : Dissertation on combinatorial art / translate Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 164
510.148 Enlightening symbols : a short history of mathematical Mazur, Joseph
519.3 Games of strategy Dixit, Avinash K.
520.9 Dispatches from planet 3 : thirty-two (brief) tales on Bartusiak, Marcia, 1950-
523.1126 Yet another introduction to dark matter : the particle Bauer, Martin
523.19 The end of everything : (astrophysically speaking) / Ka Mack, Katie
530.1 Theoretical concepts in physics : an alternative view o Longair, Malcolm S., 1941-
551.307 Landslides : types, mechanisms and modeling / edited by  
551.4637 Physics of tsunamis / Boris W. Levin, Mikhail A. Nosov Levin, Boris (Boris W.)
551.49 Hydrogeology / Bernward Ho¨lting, Wilhelm G. Coldewey Ho¨lting, Bernward
559.9 Planetary geology : an introduction / Claudio Vita-Finz Vita-Finzi, Claudio
576.8 Some assembly required : decoding four billion years of Shubin, Neil
579 Medical microbiology / edited by Michael Ford, Formerly  
591.5 Conceptual breakthroughs in ethology and animal behavio Breed, Michael D.
591.5 The rules of the flock : self-organization and swarm st Satz, H.
591.51 Social learning : psychological and biological perspect  
594.56 Octopus, squid & cuttlefish : a visual, scientific guid Hanlon, Roger T.
598.147 The evolution of feathers : from their origin to the pr  
610.696 Clinical communication skills for medicine Lloyd, Margaret, MD
610.73 Critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical jud Alfaro-LeFevre, Rosalinda
610.730693076 Foundations of nursing : study guide / Candice Kumagai Kumagai, Candice K.
611.31 Essentials of oral histology and embryology : a clinica Chiego, Daniel J.
612 Introduction to human anatomy and physiology / Eldra Pe Solomon, Eldra Pearl
612.64 Larsen’s human embryology / Gary C. Schoenwolf, PhD, St Schoenwolf, Gary C.
612.82 The idea of the brain : a history / Matthew Cobb Cobb, Matthew
614.4 Clinical epidemiology Fletcher, Grant S.
615.1076 Pass the PSA / William Brown, PHd, MBBS, MRCP(UK), FHEA Brown, Will, 1985-
616 Oxford handbook of general practice Simon, Chantal
616.042 Medical genetics Jorde, Lynn B.
616.07 Robbins Basic pathology  
616.07 Pathology McKinney, Olivia
616.075 Advanced health assessment and clinical diagnosis in pr Dains, Joyce E.
616.075 Data interpretation for medical students / Paul K. Hami Hamilton, Paul K.
616.0757076 The unofficial guide to radiology : 100 practice chest Gee, Christopher
616.07572 Merrill’s atlas of radiographic positioning & procedure Long, Bruce W.
616.07572 Radiographic image analysis McQuillen-Martensen, Kathy
616.07583 Diagnostic immunohistochemistry : theranostic and genom  
616.079 Haematology & immunology Vanbergen, Olivia
616.1207547 The ECG made easy / John Hampton DM MA DPhil FRCP FFPM Hampton, John R.
616.707543 Practical musculoskeletal ultrasound / Eugene G. McNall  
616.89 Abnormal psychology. / Ronald J. Comer, Jonathan S. Com Comer, Ronald J.
616.89 Oxford handbook of psychiatry / David Semple, MBChB, FR Semple, David (David M.)
617.0076 Clinical cases and OSCEs in surgery : the definitive gu Ramachandran, Manoj
617.60757 Radiography and radiology for dental care professionals Whaites, Eric
617.7 Ophthalmology at a glance / edited by Ray George  
620.00151 Advanced engineering mathematics / K.A. Stroud Stroud, K. A.
620.0042 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical D Cogorno, Gene R
621.38152 Molecular beam epitaxy : materials and applications for  
624.171 Mechanics of solids / Carl Ross BSc(Hons), PhD, DSc, CE Ross, C. T. F., 1935-
627.58 Introduction to coastal engineering and management / J. Kamphuis, J. W.
629.41 The starflight handbook : a pioneer’s guide to interste Mallove, Eugene F.
629.41 Hypothetical spacecraft and interstellar travel / Ezeki Nygren, Ezekiel
629.45 Beyond the boundary : exploring the science and culture  
641 Food & drink infographics / Simone Klabin ; ed. Julius Klabin, Simone
650.13 How to thrive in professional practice : a self-care ha Mordue, Stephen J.
650.14 What color is your parachute? 2020 : a practical manual Bolles, Richard Nelson
658 How management works : the concepts visually explained  
658.0563 Analytical skills for AI and data science : building sk Vaughan, Daniel
658.155 Beyond bad apples : risk culture in business / edited b  
658.3 Fundamentals of human resource management : people, dat Bauer, Talya
658.3124072 Doing coaching research / edited by Peter Jackson & Ela  
658.4 Leadership : limits and possibilities / Keith Grint Grint, Keith
658.407124 Leadership and management development Gold, Jeffrey
658.4092 Follow me : leading from the front / Kim Kristensen Kristensen, Kim, 1964-
658.45 Fit to compete : why honest conversations about your co Beer, Michael
658.8 Social media marketing : strategies in utilizing consum Moriuchi, Emi
658.8342 Consumer behavior : buying, having, and being / Michael Solomon, Michael R.
659.288 The quest for attention : nonprofit advocacy in a socia Guo, Chao, 1971-
677.022 Liberty : the history / Marie-Therese Rieber Rieber, Marie-Therese
693.97 Prefabricated housing : construction and design manual Meuser, Philipp, 1969-
696 Handbook of energy efficiency in buildings : a life cyc  
704.9420941 The martial face : the military portrait in Britain, 17  
709.2 The art and flair of Mary Blair : an appreciation / by Canemaker, John
720.1 Intersections : architectural histories and critical th  
720.71141 Radical pedagogies : architectural education and the Br  
741 Performance drawing : new practice since 1945 / Marycla  
741.5092 Ronald Searle : a biography / Russell Davies Davies, Russell, 1946-
741.5092 Shame pudding : a graphic memoir / by Danny Noble Noble, Danny
741.601 The Picture in design : what graphic designers, art dir Medley, Stuart
741.642 Aesop’s fables / by Michael Rosen ; illustrated by Tall Rosen, Michael, 1946-
777 Filming the fantastic with virtual technology : filmmak Sawicki, Mark
777.9 GreenScreen made easy : keying and compositing techniqu Hanke, Jeremy, 1977-
782.421643 B.B. King anthology  
782.42166 Beatles Best Guaraldi, V
791.4309410904 Cinemas and cinema-going in the United Kingdom : decade Manning, Sam
791.43652372 The Hollywood curriculum : teachers in the movies / Mar Dalton, Mary M., 1962-
791.56973 The Hirschfeld century : portrait of an artist and his Hirschfeld, Al
792 Misperformance : essays in shifting perspectives / edit  
793 The infinite playground : a player’s guide to imaginati DeKoven, Bernie, 1941-2018
808.02 Discovering creative writing / Graeme Harper Harper, Graeme
808.1 The angel’s corpse / Paul Colilli Colilli, Paul, 1952-
808.23071079494 Early screenwriting teachers 1910-1922 : origins, contr Curran, Stephen C.
809.9336 Extending ecocriticism : crisis, collaboration and chal  
809.93382354 The satanic in science fiction and fantasy / AJ Dalton Dalton, A. J.
821.6 Aches and epiphanies / Aries Aries
823.914 Braking distance / by Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 31 : a flash-fiction collection / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 Christmas : a flash-fiction novella / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 Graduation day : a flash-fiction novella / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 In conversation with Bob and Jim : a flash-fiction coll Kerr, Calum
823.92 Post apocalypse : a flash-fiction novella / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 Strange is the new black : a flash-fiction collection / Kerr, Calum
823.92 The 2014 flash365 anthology / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 The audacious adventuress : a flash-fiction collection Kerr, Calum
823.92 The grandmaster : a flash-fiction novella / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
823.92 The ultimate quest : a Lucy Burkhampton flash-fiction c Kerr, Calum
823.92 Time : a flash-fiction collection / Calum Kerr Kerr, Calum
940.54867309252 Code girls : the untold story of the American women cod Mundy, Liza, 1960-
943.004924 Redemption and utopia : Jewish libertarian thought in C Lo¨wy, Michael, 1938-
951.03 From the Opium War to the May Fourth Movement Hu, Sheng

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