New Books – August 2020

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during August 2020 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001.0896 Decolonising science, technology, engineering and mathe  
001.4226 Data visualization in society / edited by Martin Engbre  
001.4226 Data visualization : charts, maps, and interactive grap Grant, Robert, 1974-
001.4226 Interactive visual data analysis / Christian Tominski, Tominski, Christian
004 The science of computing : shaping a discipline / Matti Tedre, Matti
004.678082 Gamer trouble : feminist confrontations in digital cult Spencer-Phillips, Mandy
005.437 Designing interfaces : patterns for effective interacti Tidwell, Jenifer
005.55 IBM SPSS for introductory statistics : use and interpre Morgan, George A. (George Arthur), 1936-
005.7 The 9 pitfalls of data science / Gary Smith and Jay Cor Smith, Gary, 1945-
006.3 You look like a thing and I love you : how artificial i Shane, Janelle
006.3 You look like a thing and I love you / Janelle Shane Shane, Janelle
006.31 Adversarial machine learning / Anthony D. Joseph, Unive Joseph, Anthony D.
006.31 Machine learning : a concise introduction / Steven W. K Knox, Steven W.
006.31 Deep learning illustrated : a visual, interactive guide Krohn, Jon
006.31 Foundations of machine learning / Mehryar Mohri, Afshin Mohri, Mehryar
006.31 Machine learning for absolute beginners : a plain Engli Theobald, Oliver
006.312 Mining of massive datasets Leskovec, Jurij
006.312 Data mining mobile devices / Jesus Mena Mena, Jesus
006.8 Virtual reality / Samuel Greengard Greengard, Samuel
006.8 Learning virtual reality : developing immersive experie Parisi, Tony
025.00285 Public libraries in the smart city / Dale Leorke, Danie Leorke, Dale
025.5 Book club reboot : 71 creative twists / Sarah Ostman, S Ostman, Sarah
070.449796 Sport, media and mega-events / edited by Lawrence A. We  
070.449796 The power of sports : media and spectacle in American c Serazio, Michael
107 A guide to field philosophy : case studies and practica  
121 Explaining Knowledge : New Essays on the Gettier Proble  
121 Hume’s enlightenment tract : the unity and purpose of A Buckle, Stephen
121 Accessing Kant : a relaxed introduction to the Critique Rosenberg, Jay F.
121 The bounds of sense : an essay on Kant’s Critique of pu Strawson, P. F.
122 The book of why : the new science of cause and effect / Pearl, Judea
128 Hume’s system : an examination of the first book of his Pears, David, 1921-2009
150 Issues, debates and approaches in psychology / Ian Fair Fairholm, Ian
150 Psychology : the science of mind and behaviour Holt, Nigel
150.1 Psychology in crisis / Brian Hughes Hughes, Brian, 1971-
150.1988 Flow and the foundations of positive psychology : the c Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly
150.72 Quantitative psychological research : the complete stud Clark-Carter, David
150.72 Reporting quantitative research in psychology : how to Cooper, Harris M.
150.72 Conducting your literature review / Susanne Hempel Hempel, Susanne
150.72 Reporting qualitative research in psychology : how to m Levitt, Heidi M.
150.72 Research methods in psychology : investigating human be Nestor, Paul
153 Cognitive psychology : a student’s handbook / Michael W Eysenck, Michael W.
153 Cognitive psychology / Philip Quinlan, Ben Dyson Quinlan, Philip T.
153.83 The optimist’s telescope : thinking ahead in a reckless Venkataraman, Bina
154.2 Unthought : the power of the cognitive nonconscious / N Hayles, N. Katherine, 1943-
155.42224 Affect regulation and the origin of the self : the neur Schore, Allan N., 1943-
155.7 Human evolutionary psychology / Louise Barrett, Robin D Barrett, Louise
155.7 Evolution and genetics for psychology / Daniel Nettle Nettle, Daniel
155.9 The shaping of us : how everyday spaces structure our l Bernheimer, Lily
158.1 Mindfulness and performance / edited by Amy L. Baltzell  
158.1 Manufacturing happy citizens : how the science and indu Cabanas, Edgar
174.9624 Professionalism for the built environment / Simon Foxel Foxell, Simon
174.9629892 Robot ethics 2.0 : from autonomous cars to artificial i  
179.3 Animals, ethics, and us : a veterinarian’s view of huma Campbell, Madeleine L. H.
179.9 Honor / Frank Henderson Stewart Stewart, Frank Henderson
181.043 Buddhism as philosophy : an introduction / Mark Siderit Siderits, Mark, 1946-
183.2 Socrates / by W.K.C. Guthrie Guthrie, W. K. C. (William Keith Chambers), 1
184 Plato and Pythagoreanism / Philip Sidney Horky Horky, Philip Sidney
193 Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology / Joseph J. Kockelmans Kockelmans, Joseph J.
220.6 The infographic Bible : visualising the drama of God’s Sawrey, Karen
230.044092 Gnostic apocalypse : Jacob Boehme’s haunted narrative / O’Regan, Cyril, 1952-
261.55 Our common cosmos : exploring the future of theology, h  
294.3 The foundations of Buddhism / Rupert Gethin Gethin, Rupert
300.72 Research methodology : a step-by-step guide for beginne Kumar, Ranjit
300.721 Introducing research methodology : thinking your way th Flick, Uwe, 1956-
300.721 Mixing methods in social research : qualitative, quanti Hall, Ralph
300.721 Research methodology : a step-by-step guide for beginne Kumar, Ranjit
301 Sociology / Anthony Giddens and Philip W. Sutton Giddens, Anthony
302.22 The data storytelling workbook / Anna Feigenbaum + Aria Feigenbaum, Anna
302.23 Screen genealogies : from optical device to environment  
302.23 The media manifesto / Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman, Jus Fenton, Natalie
302.23 Understanding media industries / Timothy Havens, Univer Havens, Timothy
302.23 McQuail’s media and mass communication theory McQuail, Denis
302.2308996073 Distributed blackness : African American cybercultures Brock, Andre´ L., Jr.
302.231 Living in information : responsible design for digital Arango, Jorge
302.23101 Believing in bits : digital media and the supernatural  
302.23430973 Hollywood and the baby boom : a social history / James Russell, James, 1977-
302.30285 Twitter : a biography / Jean Burgess and Nancy K. Baym Burgess, Jean (Jean Elizabeth)
303.34 Introduction to leadership : concepts and practice / Pe Northouse, Peter Guy
303.483 Future cities : 42 insights and interviews with influen Tresca, Stefano L.
304.28 The global casino : an introduction to environmental is Middleton, Nick
304.5 Social behaviour : genes, ecology and evolution / edite  
304.5 Evolution and human behaviour : Darwinian perspectives Cartwright, John, 1953-
304.5 The Red queen : sex and the evolution of human nature / Ridley, Matt
305.231 Early social interaction : a case comparison of develop Forrester, Michael A.
305.40922 Visionary women : how Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Barnet, Andrea
305.420721 Invisible women : exposing data bias in a world designe Criado-Perez, Caroline
305.4209 Burn it down! : feminist manifestos for the revolution  
305.42092 The space between black and white : a mixed-race memoir Goldsmith, Esuantsiwa Jane
305.89604 Afropean : notes from Black Europe / Johny Pitts Pitts, Johny
306 Luxury and visual culture / John Armitage Armitage, John, 1956-
306 Stuff / Daniel Miller Miller, Daniel
306.09421 The comfort of things / Daniel Miller Miller, Daniel, 1954-
306.2 Post-truth, fake news and democracy : mapping the polit Farkas, Johan
306.46 Stuff / Daniel Miller Miller, Daniel
306.48809 The Edinburgh history of reading  
307.14072 Research handbook on community development / edited by  
307.1416 Heritage and sustainable urban transformations : deep c  
307.33620973 Neighborhoods : their place in urban life / Howard W. H Hallman, Howard W.
307.33620973 The social construction of communities / by Gerald D. S Suttles, Gerald D.
307.3416 The economics of uniqueness : investing in historic cit  
307.76 The dead city : urban ruins and the spectacle of decay Dobraszczyk, Paul
307.76 Smart cities : reality or fiction / Claude Rochet Rochet, Claude
307.76 Why cities look the way they do / Richard J. Williams Williams, Richard J., 1967-
307.76 Urbanism without effort : reconnecting with first princ Wolfe, Charles R.
307.760285 Creating smart cities / edited by Claudio Coletta, Leig  
307.760973 The new urban crisis : gentrification, housing bubbles, Florida, Richard L.
307.764090511 Global cities : cinema, architecture, and urbanism in a  
320.014 The Oxford handbook of political communication / edited  
320.014 Lie machines : how to save democracy from troll armies, Howard, Philip N.
320.014 Keywords in the press : the New Labour years / Lesley J Jeffries, Lesley, 1956-
320.014 Retooling politics : how digital media are shaping demo Jungherr, Andreas
320.53014 Give them an argument : logic for the left / Ben Burgis Burgis, Ben
320.6 Public policy : a new introduction / Christoph Knill an Knill, Christoph
320.960905 Africa and the world : navigating shifting geopolitics  
322.42088297 Exporting global jihad  
323.092 W.E.B. Du Bois’s data portraits : visualizing Black Ame  
323.0943109045 The human rights dictatorship : socialism, global solid Richardson-Little, Ned, 1983-
324.623092 Suffragette : my own story / Emmeline Pankhurst ; with Pankhurst, Emmeline, 1858-1928
330 Economics Lipsey, Richard G., 1928-
330.900112 The 10 rules of successful nations / Ruchir Sharma Sharma, Ruchir
330.941086 The economic geography of the UK / edited by Neil M. Co  
331.41330973 Sexual harassment of women : climate, culture, and cons  
331.595 Autism works : a guide to successful employment across Feinstein, Adam, 1957-
331.62094 Debating migration as a public problem : national publi  
332.6 Investments / Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus Bodie, Zvi
332.6 Financial literacy : understanding the basics of financ Malabre, Nevar Theodore
333.332 Property valuation techniques Isaac, David (David J.)
333.3320941 Property valuation techniques Isaac, David (David J.)
333.7 Environmental management towards sustainability / Prasa Modak, Prasad
333.914 Ocean wave energy : governance challenges or wave and t  
333.916416 Climate change and ocean governance : politics and poli  
333.916416 Marine conservation : science, policy, and management / Ray, G. Carleton
337.6 A new scramble for Africa? : imperialism, investment an  
338.064 The future is faster than you think : how converging te Diamandis, Peter H.
338.064 The idea of technological innovation : a brief alternat Godin, Benoit
338.927 Sustainable development / Susan Baker Baker, Susan, 1955-
338.927091724 Green development : environment and sustainability in a Adams, W. M. (William Mark), 1955-
340.1 Jurisprudence : theory and context / Brian H. Bix Bix, Brian
340.9094 Concise introduction to EU private international law Bogdan, Michael, 1946-
341.45 The international law of the sea / Yoshifumi Tanaka, Un Tanaka, Yoshifumi
341.6909497 My war criminal : personal encounters with an architect Stern, Jessica, 1958-
342.4208774 Elderly client handbook  
342.73042 Conflict of laws / Michael H. Hoffheimer, Professor of Hoffheimer, Michael H., 1954-
343.078624 The application of contracts in engineering and constru Charrett, D. E. (Donald Eric)
343.07869 Preparing construction claims / Stephen C. Hall Hall, Stephen C.
344.4035 Principles of European prison law and policy : penology Van Zyl Smit, Dirk
344.410324 The Care Act 2014 : wellbeing in practice / edited by S  
344.410414 Law & professional issues in nursing / Richard Griffith Griffith, Richard (Richard A.)
344.420313 Using the law in social work / Robert Johns Johns, Robert, 1950-
344.42041 The Care Act 2014 : wellbeing in practice / edited by S  
344.42044 Mental health law in England & Wales : a guide for ment Barber, Paul, 1947-
345.42 Criminal law / Nicola Monaghan Monaghan, Nicola
346.046823 The application of contracts in developing offshore oil Loots, P. C.
346.08210285 Blockchain and cryptocurrency : international legal and Armstrong, Dean, 1959-
346.240166 The Rome III Regulation : a commentary on the law appli  
346.41066 Introduction to company law / Paul Davies, QC, FBA, Sen Davies, P. L. (Paul Lyndon)
346.41066 Corporate finance law : principles and policy / Louise Gullifer, Louise
346.4202 The modern law of contract Stone, Richard, 1951 March 7-
346.42029 Lasting powers of attorney : a practical guide / Craig Ward, Craig, 1962-
346.420323 Guidelines for the assessment of general damages in per Lambert, Christina
346.42066 Company law / Janet Dine, Marios Koutsias Dine, Janet
347.4206 The modern law of evidence Keane, Adrian
349.42 Elliott and Quinn’s English legal system Allbon, Emily
349.42 Law made simple / David L.A. Barker AM, FAAL, LLB, MPhi Barker, David, 1934-
361.3 Social work : a critical approach to practice / Jan Foo Fook, Jan
361.301 Reflective practice in social work  
361.30941 What is social work? : contexts and perspectives / Nige Horner, Nigel
361.32 Communication & interpersonal skills in social work / J Koprowska, Juliet
361.32 How to use social work theory in practice : an essentia Payne, Malcolm, 1947-
361.32 Developing skills & knowledge for social work practice Rogers, Michaela
361.32 Critical thinking & professional judgement for social w Rutter, Lynne
361.320941 Assessment in social work / Judith Milner, Steve Myers Milner, Judith, 1941-
362.1068 Values-based leadership in Healthcare : congruent leade Stanley, David
362.1072 Healthcare simulation research : a practical guide / De  
362.10723 The essential guide to doing a health and social care l Hewitt-Taylor, Jaqui
362.10941 Courage in healthcare : a necessary virtue or a warning Rahman, Shibley
362.11068 Lean hospitals : improving quality, patient safety, and Graban, Mark
362.682 Elder abuse and neglect : a victimological and psycholo Dolinsky, Beverly
362.7 Protecting children : a social model / Brid Featherston Featherstone, Brid
362.7 Effective child protection / Eileen Munro Munro, Eileen, 1950-
363.20968 Police work and identity : a South African ethnography Faull, Andrew
363.230973 Community policing : a contemporary perspective Kappeler, Victor E.
363.25092 The nature of life and death : every body leaves a trac Wiltshire, Patricia E. J.
363.330973 Guns down : how to defeat the NRA and build a safer fut Volsky, Igor, 1986-
363.6028558 Secure cyber-physical systems for smart cities / Riaz A  
363.69 The historic urban landscape : managing heritage in an Bandarin, Francesco
364 Most wanted : the popular culture of illegality / Rivke  
364 Routledge international handbook of green criminology /  
364 Criminology skills / Emily Finch, Stefan Fafinski Finch, Emily
364.03 The SAGE dictionary of criminology / Eugene McLaughlin,  
364.2 Why crime? : an interdisciplinary approach to explainin Robinson, Matthew B.
364.3 Psychology & crime / Craig Webber Webber, Craig
364.973 Class, race, gender, and crime : the social realities o Barak, Gregg
365.661 The Routledge companion to rehabilitative work in crimi  
365.942 The penal system : an introduction Cavadino, Michael, 1953-
365.978138 The prison of democracy : race, Leavenworth, and the cu Benson, Sara M., 1981-
370.1 Pragmatism and educational research / by Gert J. J. Bie Biesta, Gert
370.118 Fostering imagination in higher education : disciplinar Whitton, Joy
370.154 A handbook for student engagement in higher education :  
370.154 Designing a motivational syllabus : creating a learning Harrington, Christine, 1971-
370.82 Gender and leadership in education : women achieving ag  
371.302461 Study skills : for nursing, health and social care / ed  
371.33468 Reality bytes : innovative learning using augmented and Lion-Bailey, Christine
371.94 Education and girls on the autism spectrum : developing  
374 Transitioning students into higher education : philosop  
378.0087 Academic ableism : disability and higher education / Ja Dolmage, Jay
378.197 Student Engagement in Higher Education : Theoretical Pe  
378.198 Rethinking student belonging in higher education : from Thomas, Kate Carruthers
378.1982 Readings in overseas student policy : a collection of e  
384.80979494 Discussing Disney / edited by Amy M. Davis  
388.0285 Big data analytics for connected vehicles and smart cit McQueen, Bob
401.41 Communication and discourse theory : collected works of  
418.0071 Teaching listening and speaking in second and foreign l Bailey, Kathleen M.
421.6 Analysing conversation : an introduction to prosody / B Szczepek Reed, Beatrice, 1973-
428.40711 Academic reading circles / by Tyson Seburn Seburn, Tyson
495.682 NEJ : a new approach to elementary Japanese Nishiguchi, Ko¯ichi
510.922 Power in numbers : the rebel women of mathematics / Tal Williams, Talithia
519.502461 Statistics for healthcare professionals : an introducti Scott, Ian, 1964-
519.50285536 Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics / Andy Field, Andy P.
520.9 Dante and the early astronomer : science, adventure, an Daugherty, Tracy
523.6 Catching stardust : comets, asteroids and the birth of Starkey, Natalie
530.15 Lost in math : how beauty leads physics astray / Sabine Hossenfelder, Sabine, 1976-
547.7 Crystallography made crystal clear : a guide for users Rhodes, Gale
547.75 Crystallography made crystal clear : a guide for users Rhodes, Gale
550 The solid earth : an introduction to global geophysics Fowler, C. M. R.
550 Earth environments : past, present and future / David H Huddart, David
550 Fundamentals of geophysics Lowrie, William, 1939-
551 The solid earth : an introduction to global geophysics Fowler, C. M. R.
551.22 Introduction to seismology / Peter M. Shearer Shearer, Peter M., 1956-
551.22 Introduction to seismology / Peter M. Shearer (Universi Shearer, Peter M., 1956-
551.46 Invitation to oceanography / Paul R. Pinet. PhD Pinet, Paul R.
551.466 Chemical oceanography / Frank J. Millero Millero, Frank J.
551.60901 Paleoclimates : understanding climate change past and p Cronin, Thomas M.
551.7 Introducing stratigraphy / Paul Lyle Lyle, Paul
551.8 Geologic fracture mechanics / Richard A. Schultz Schultz, Richard A.
551.9 Environmental and low temperature geochemistry / Peter Ryan, Peter Crowley, 1966-
552.06 The rock physics handbook / Gary Mavko, Tapan Mukerji, Mavko, Gary, 1949-
552.1 Essentials of igneous and metamorphic petrology / B. Ro Frost, Bryce Ronald, 1947-
552.1 Igneous and metamorphic rocks under the microscope : cl Shelley, David
552.4 Igneous and metamorphic rocks under the microscope : cl Shelley, David
552.5 Soils of the past : an introduction to paleopedology / Retallack, Greg J. (Greg John), 1951-
552.8 Rocks and minerals in thin section MacKenzie, W. S.
560 Cowen’s history of life / edited by Michael J. Benton ; Benton, M. J. (Michael J.)
561 Introduction to plant fossils / Christopher J. Cleal, B Cleal, Christopher J., 1951-
570 Biology Mason, Kenneth A.
571.6 Becker’s world of the cell Hardin, Jeff
572 Biochemistry / Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Gregor Berg, Jeremy M. (Jeremy Mark), 1958-
572 Biochemistry and molecular biology Papachristodoulou, Despo K.
572.80285 Introduction to bioinformatics / Arthur M. Lesk (The Pe Lesk, Arthur M.
572.865 Gene control / David S Latchman, Master of Birbeck, Uni Latchman, David S.
576.5 Genetics : from genes to genomes / Leland H. Hartwell, Hartwell, Leland
576.5 Lewin’s essential genes Krebs, Jocelyn E.
576.5 Lewin’s genes XII / Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldst Krebs, Jocelyn E.
576.8 Evolution / Mark Ridley Ridley, Mark
577.0727 Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel : data coll Gardener, Mark
577.0913 The ecology of tropical east Asia / Richard T. Corlett, Corlett, Richard
577.22 Biodiversity and climate change : transforming the bios  
577.698 The biology of mangroves and seagrasses / Peter J. Hoga Hogarth, Peter J.
577.7 Marine ecosystems and global change / edited by Manuel  
577.82 Community ecology / Gary G. Mittelbach (Michigan State Mittelbach, Gary George
578.776 Coastal plankton : photo guide for European seas / Otto Larink, Otto
579 Medical microbiology / edited by Michael Ford, Formerly  
580.12 Plant systematics / Michael G. Simpson Simpson, Michael G. (Michael George), 1953-
582.16 Remarkable trees / Christina Harrison, Tony Kirkham Harrison, Christina
591.5 Cognition, evolution, and behavior / Sara J. Shettlewor Shettleworth, Sara J.
591.514 Social learning : an introduction to mechanisms, method Hoppitt, William
591.562 Sexual selection : a very short introduction / Marlene Zuk, M. (Marlene)
592 The invertebrate tree of life / Gonzalo Giribet, Grego Giribet, Gonzalo
593.53 Spineless : the science of jellyfish and the art of gro Berwald, Juli
596 Vertebrates : comparative anatomy, function, evolution Kardong, Kenneth V.
597.9 The rise of reptiles : 320 million years of evolution / Sues, Hans-Dieter, 1956-
602.3 The development of women and young professionals in STE Kruger, Michele
610.113 Healthcare simulation education : evidence, theory and  
610.289 Patient safety ethics : how vigilance, mindfulness, com Banja, John D.
610.289 Implementing patient safety : addressing culture, condi Woodward, Suzette
610.289 Rethinking patient safety / by Suzette Woodward Woodward, Suzette
610.3 Concise colour medical dictionary  
610.3 Concise medical dictionary  
610.72 A post-graduate’s guide to doing a literature review in Aveyard, Helen
610.73 Diversity & cultural awareness in nursing practice / ed  
610.73 Simulated patient methodology : theory, evidence and pr  
610.73 Evidence-based practice for nurses and healthcare profe Barker, Janet H.
610.73 Evidence-based practice for nurses and healthcare profe Linsley, Paul
610.73 Delivering person-centred care in nursing / Bob Price Price, Bob
610.73 Clinical judgement & decision making in nursing / Mooi Standing, Mooi
610.73069 How to prepare for interviews and develop your career : Forde-Johnston, Carol
610.73071 Becoming a nurse : a hermeneutic study of the experienc Mitchell, Theresa
610.73072 Succeeding in literature reviews & research project pla Williamson, Graham R.
610.737069 Blaber’s foundations for paramedic practice : a theoret  
610.76 Complete revision notes for medical and surgical finals Patel, Kinesh
610.76 Complete self assessment for medical and surgical final Patel, Kinesh
611.00222 Grant’s atlas of anatomy Agur, A. M. R.
611.01816 Human molecular genetics / Tom Strachan, Andrew P. Read Strachan, T.
612.64 Embryology at a glance / Samuel Webster, Rhiannon de Wr Webster, Samuel, 1974-
612.8 Brainwashed : the seductive appeal of mindless neurosci Satel, Sally L.
613.2024796 Practical applications in sports nutrition Fink, Heather Hedrick
613.71 Essentials of performance analysis in sport  
613.71 Physical activity epidemiology / Rod K. Dishman, Gregor Dishman, Rod K.
613.71072 An introduction to performance analysis of sport / Pete O’Donoghue, Peter
613.794 Nodding off : the science of sleep / Professor Alice Gr Gregory, Alice
614.1 Forensic entomology : the utility of arthropods in lega  
615.1 Prescribing scenarios at a glance / Emma Baker, Daniel Baker, Emma
615.1 Medical pharmacology at a glance / Michael J. Neal Neal, M. J.
615.58 Prescribing at a glance / Sarah Ross, MBChb, FRCP, MD, Ross, Sarah
615.7922 Miracle cure : the creation of antibiotics and the birt Rosen, William, 1955-2016
616.025 Palliative and end of life care for paramedics / edited  
616.025 Pre-hospital emergency medicine at a glance / Dr Willia Seligman, William, 1990-
616.07 Pathophysiology & pharmacology in nursing / Sarah Ashel Ashelford, Sarah
616.0754 Bates’ pocket guide to physical examination and history Bickley, Lynn S.
616.07543 Diagnostic ultrasound : physics and equipment / edited  
616.0757 Radiology at a glance / Rajat Chowdhury, Iain D.C. Wils Chowdhury, Rajat
616.07572 Chest x-rays for medical students : CXRs made easy / Ch Clarke, Christopher, 1986-
616.07572 Clark’s positioning in radiography Whitley, A. S. (A. Stewart)
616.1207547 Introduction to 12-lead ECG : the art of interpretation Garcia, Tomas B., 1952-
616.15 Haematology at a glance / by Atul Mehta, MA, MD, FRCP, Mehta, Atul B.
616.200425 The Walls manual of emergency airway management / Edito  
616.5 Dermatology at a glance / Mahbub M.U. Chowdhury, Ruwani Chowdhury, Mahbub M. U.
616.707572 Musculoskeletal X-rays for medical students and trainee Brown, Andrew K.
616.8527 Depression : causes and treatment Beck, Aaron T.
616.8582 Psychopathy : antisocial, criminal, and violent behavio  
616.85882 Autism and Asperger syndrome in adults / Dr Luke Beardo Beardon, Luke
616.85882 Autism : a new introduction to psychological theory and Fletcher-Watson, Sue
616.858820082 Camouflage : the hidden lives of autistic women / Dr Sa Bargiela, Sarah
616.89 Clinical psychology : revisiting the classic studies /  
616.89 The handbook of adult clinical psychology : an evidence  
616.89 Clinical psychology : an introduction / Alan Carr Carr, Alan, 1957-
616.89 Psychiatry at a glance Katona, C. L. E. (Cornelius L. E.), 1954-
616.89 Case studies in abnormal psychology / Kenneth N. Levy, Levy, Kenneth N. (Kenneth Neil), 1963-
616.89 Case studies in abnormal behavior / Robert G. Meyer, Ch Meyer, Robert G.
616.89 Case analyses for abnormal psychology : learning to loo Osborne, Randall E.
616.8900724 Single-case research designs : methods for clinical and Kazdin, Alan E.
616.890076 100 cases in psychiatry / Barry Wright, Subodh Dave and Wright, Barry (John Barry Debenham)
616.8909 The man who mistook his wife for a hat / Oliver Sacks ; Sacks, Oliver W.
616.8914 Psychodynamic counselling in a nutshell / Susan Howard Howard, Susan, 1949-
616.891425 CBT for beginners / Jane Simmons and Rachel Griffiths Simmons, Jane
616.89147 Solution focused practice around the world / edited by  
616.904231 Infection prevention and control at a glance / Debbie W Weston, Debbie
617.024 Minor surgery at a glance / edited by Helen Mohan, Des  
617.1 Trauma care pre-hospital manual / edited by Ian Greaves  
617.15 Broken bones : the radiologic atlas of fractures and di Chew, Felix S.
617.5507572 Abdominal X-rays for medical students / Christopher G.D Clarke, Christopher, 1986-
617.7026 Eye emergencies : the practitioner’s guide / Dorothy Fi Field, Dorothy, 1948-
617.9 Surgery at a glance / Pierce A. Grace, Neil R. Borley Grace, P. A. (Pierce A.)
617.96 Fundamentals of anaesthesia / edited by Ted Lin, Tim Sm  
618.92 Minor illness in the under fives : a guide for health v Johnson, Gina (Georgina Mary)
618.920025 Tarascon pediatric emergency pocketbook Mahajan, Prashant
618.928588320094 Asperger’s children : the origins of autism in Nazi Vie Sheffer, Edith
618.928914 The handbook of child and adolescent clinical psycholog Carr, Alan, 1957-
620.00151 Advanced engineering mathematics / K.A. Stroud Stroud, K. A.
620.00151 Engineering mathematics / K.A. Stroud Stroud, K. A.
620.0023 The professional skills handbook for engineers and tech Retz, Kevin
621.319 Microgrid design and operation : toward smart energy in Delfino, Federico
622.15 Field geophysics / John Milsom, Asger Eriksen Milsom, John, 1939-
624.0684 Large-scale construction project management : understan Tan, Yan
624.18341 Durability of reinforced concrete structures / Paul Che Chess, Paul
628.55 Soil and groundwater remediation : fundamentals, practi Zhang, Chunlong, 1964-
629.1341 Fundamentals of structural integrity : damage tolerant Grandt, A. F. (Alten F.), 1945-
636.0831 Pet-tecture : design for pets / Tom Wainwright Wainwright, Tom
646.4072 Pattern magic Nakamichi, Tomoko
650.01513 Essential quantitative methods for business, management Oakshott, Les
650.072 Qualitative research in business & management / Michael Myers, Michael D. (Michael David), 1954-
650.1 Peak performance under pressure : lessons from a helico Hearns, Stephen
650.1 Upskill : 21 keys to professional growth / Chris Watson Watson, Chris
657.076 Interpreting financial and accounting information / Num Fudong, Numa
657.3 International financial reporting & analysis Alexander, David, 1947 June 16-
658 Research methods in business studies Ghauri, Pervez N., 1948-
658.00711 Skills for business and management / Martin Sedgley Sedgley, Martin
658.0088297 Islamic business administration : concepts and strategi  
658.05 The organisation of tomorrow : how AI, blockchain, and Van Rijmenam, Mark
658.11 Start-ups, pivots and pop-ups : how to succeed by creat Hall, Richard, 1944-
658.200941 Corporate real estate asset management : strategy and i Haynes, Barry P.
658.3 Leading, managing and developing people  
658.3 Human resource management Torrington, Derek, 1931-
658.3008 #MeToo in the corporate world : power, privilege, and t Hewlett, Sylvia Ann, 1946-
658.301 Lean human resources : redesigning HR processes for a c Jekiel, Cheryl M.
658.3111 Evidence-based recruiting : how to build a company of s Tarki, Atta
658.3124 Coaching the team at work : the definitive guide to tea Clutterbuck, David
658.3124 Mentor coaching : a practical guide / Clare Norman Norman, Clare
658.3124 The collective wisdom of practice : leading our profess Schechter, Chen, 1970-
658.315 Managing employment relations Bennett, Tony (Anthony)
658.382 Organizational accidents revisited / James Reason Reason, J. T.
658.40092 Ride of a lifetime : lessons in creative leadership fro Iger, Robert
658.400941 The Royal Air Force : the first one hundred years / Joh Buckley, John (John D.)
658.401 Business analytics : data analysis and decision making Albright, S. Christian
658.4012 HBR’s 10 must reads  
658.4012 Strategy : an international perspective Wit, Bob de
658.4022 Virtual teams / by Tara Powers, MS Powers, Tara
658.40300285554 Business analytics : data analysis and decision making Albright, S. Christian
658.4056 Communicate in a crisis : understand, engage and influe Hartley, Kate
658.408 Understanding social entrepreneurship : the relentless Kickul, Jill R.
658.408 Integrating sustainability into major projects : best p McPhee, Wayne
658.4092 HBR’s 10 must reads on leadership  
658.4092 Organizational leadership / edited by John Bratton  
658.4092 The leadership experience / Richard L. Daft ; with the Daft, Richard L.
658.4092 The power of project leadership : 7 keys to help you tr Madsen, Susanne
658.514 The business of platforms : strategy in the age of digi Cusumano, Michael A., 1954-
658.8 Contemporary issues in marketing : principles & practic  
658.8 Events as a strategic marketing tool / Dorothe´ Gerrits Gerritsen, Dorothe´
658.8 Principles of marketing Kotler, Philip
658.802 Marketing communications / John Egan Egan, John, 1952-
658.812 The customer-driven culture : a Microsoft story : six p Lowdermilk, Travis
658.827 Identity designed : the definitive guide to visual bran Airey, David, 1979-
658.827 Book of branding : a guide to creating brand identity f Malinic, Radim, 1978-
658.83 Marketing research : applied insight / Daniel Nunan, Da Malhotra, Naresh K.
658.84 Global marketing / Svend Hollensen Hollensen, Svend
658.872 Digital marketing excellence : planning, optimizing and Chaffey, Dave, 1963-
660.6 The age of living machines : how biology will build the Hockfield, Susan
666.3942982 The Cambrian company : Swansea pottery in London, 1806- Gray, Jonathan
686.22409 The visual history of type / Paul McNeil McNeil, Paul
690 Building construction illustrated / Francis D.K. Ching Ching, Francis D. K., 1943-
690.023 Construction superintendents : essential skills for the Holm, Len
690.0687 Successful construction supply chain management : conce  
691.1 Repair of historic timber structures / David Yeomans Yeomans, David T.
696.13 Building drainage : an integrated design guide / Kemi A Adeyeye, Kemi, 1979-
700.411 Computational drawing : from foundational exercises to Lostritto, Carl
700.92 Joshua Sofaer : performance – objects – participation /  
709.2 Queer communion : Ron Athey / edited by Amelia Jones an  
709.252 Women design / Libby Sellers Sellers, Libby
709.430904 Bauhaus / Frank Whitford Whitford, Frank
711 Public space acupuncture : strategies and interventions Casanova, Helena
711.4 New geographies  
711.4 Posthuman / edited by Mariano Gomez-Luque & Ghazal Jafa  
720 Treehouses, towers, and tea rooms : the architecture of Pierconti, J. K. Mauro
720.1 Sources of architectural form : a critical history of w Gelernter, Mark, 1951-
720.1 Adaptive ecologies : correlated systems of living / The Spyropoulos, Theodore
720.1 Atmospheres : architectural environments, surrounding o Zumthor, Peter
720.108 Cine-scapes : cinematic spaces in architecture and citi Koeck, Richard, 1969-
720.285 Construction 4.0 : an innovation platform for the built  
720.2880941 Survey and repair of traditional buildings : a sustaina Oxley, Richard
720.4 The practice of spatial thinking : differentiation proc Van Schaik, Leon
720.47 Repair : architecture actively engaging with the repair  
720.470285 Handbook of research on digital research methods and ar  
720.472 Net zero energy building : predicted and unintended con Hu, Ming, 1975-
720.9252 Breaking ground : architecture by women / Jane Hall Hall, Jane
720.9421 Derelict London / Paul Talling Talling, Paul
721.0448 Wood urbanism : from the molecular to the territorial /  
724 Swimming to suburbia and other essays / Craig Hodgetts Hodgetts, Craig
724.6 OMA/Rem Koolhaas : a critical reader / Christophe Van G  
724.6 Operative mapping : maps as design tools / Roger Paez Paez, Roger
725.23 The theatre of work / Clive Wilkinson Wilkinson, Clive
725.4 Vertical urban factory / by Nina Rappaport Rappaport, Nina
725.51 Hospitals and medical facilities : construction and des  
728.0942177 William Morris & his palace of art : architecture, inte Wild, Tessa
740 Graphic design : a new history / Stephen J. Eskilson Eskilson, Stephen, 1964-
741.2 The drawing game : a doodling activity book / Victor Nu Nunes, Victor
741.59 Comics and stuff / Henry Jenkins Jenkins, Henry, 1958-
741.5941 Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave! : 2000AD and Judge Dredd Mills, Pat
741.5941 Gothic for girls : Misty and British comics / Julia Rou Round, Julia
741.5973 The British comic book invasion : Alan Moore, Warren El Ecke, Jochen, 1979-
741.6071 Graphic design school : a foundation course for graphic Dabner, David
741.609 History of information graphics / Sandra Rendgen ; ed., Rendgen, Sandra
741.67409519 Printed in North Korea : the art of everyday life in th Bonner, Nicholas
743.6 The draw any animal book : over 150 simple step-by-step Lambry, Robert
745.2083 Design for children : play, ride, learn, eat, create, s Birks, Kimberlie
745.4 New Geographies  
745.4082 Women in design : from Aino Aalto to Eva Zeisel / Charl Fiell, Charlotte, 1965-
745.40922 Virgin by design / Virgin & Nick Carson Carson, Nick
745.40954 Sa¯r : the essence of Indian design / curated by Swapna  
746.092 Materialising colour : journeys with Giulio Ridolfo / e  
746.0954 The Indian textile sourcebook : patterns and techniques Fotheringham, Avalon
747 Interior design : a critical introduction / Clive Edwar Edwards, Clive, 1947-
747 Interior design since 1900 / Anne Massey Massey, Anne, 1956-
751.73 Street art world / Alison Young Young, Alison, 1962-
779.2092 Street culture / Seleen Saleh Saleh, Seleen
780.92 After Debussy : music, language, and the margins of phi Johnson, Julian
782.14142 Music fundamentals for musical theatre / Christine Rile Riley, Christine
782.14143 Voice and speech for musical theatre : a practical guid Palmer, Chris
782.281723 Real Christmas Book – C Edition  
782.421643 The real blues book : C instruments  
782.42166 Oasis : Time Flies… 1994-2009  
782.42166 Pink Floyd : Dark Side Of The Moon(PVG)  
782.42166 Foo Fighters Foo Fighters (Musical group)
782.42166092 Diamond dogs / Glenn Hendler Hendler, Glenn, 1962-
786.20263 Greatest Video Game Music Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
791 Studying film with Andre´ Bazin / Blandine Joret Joret, Blandine
791.068 Theme park fandom : spatial transmedia, materiality and Williams, Rebecca, 1981-
791.43621732 Cities and cinema / Barbara Mennel Mennel, Barbara Caroline
791.436822 The Bible onscreen in the new millennium : new heart an  
791.4509410905 Contemporary British television drama / James Chapman Chapman, James, 1968-
791.4572 The photography of Game of Thrones / by Helen Sloan ; w Sloan, Helen
792.022 Creating worlds : how to make immersive theatre / Jason Warren, Jason
792.025 Digital media, projection design & technology for theat Oliszewski, Alex
792.028 Staging sex : best practices, tools, and techniques for Pace, Chelsea
792.068 Theatre management : arts leadership for the 21st centu Rhine, Anthony
792.0942 The Punchdrunk encyclopaedia / written and prepared by Machon, Josephine, 1979-
794.450973 How to watch television / edited by Ethan Thompson and  
794.8 Emotion in video game soundtracking / Duncan Williams,  
794.8 This is esports (and how to spell it) : an insider’s gu Chaloner, Paul
794.8 Games are not : the difficult and definitive guide to w Myers, David, 1953-
794.8 Open world empire : race, erotics, and the global rise Patterson, Christopher B.
796.015 Performance analysis of sport IX / edited by Derek Pete  
796.019 Applied sport, exercise, and performance psychology : c  
796.019 Routledge handbook of sports performance analysis / edi  
796.07 Skill acquisition in sport : research, theory and pract  
796.334014 Football cliche´s : a speculative effort, from distance Hurrey, Adam
796.334019 The psychology of soccer / edited by Joseph G. Dixon, J  
808.0420712 Adolescents’ new literacies with and through mobile pho Warner, Julie, 1981-
808.06615 Concise guide to APA style  
808.06615 Publication manual of the American Psychological Associ  
813.6 Triple identity / Haggai Carmon Carmon, Haggai
814.52 It all adds up : from the dim past to the uncertain fut Bellow, Saul
818.50809 Literary journalism in the twentieth century / edited b  
820.9003 The trouble with literature / Victoria Kahn Kahn, Victoria Ann
820.936 The green studies reader : from Romanticism to ecocriti  
822.914 Rockets and blue lights / Winsome Pinnock Pinnock, Winsome
822.914080896041 The Methuen Drama book of plays by black British writer  
822.920809287 Women centre stage : eight short plays by and about wom  
823.91409357 Dancefloor-driven literature : the rave scene in fictio Morrison, Simon Alexander, 1964-
840.6044 The Oulipo and modern thought / Dennis Duncan Duncan, Dennis
907.2 Toward the visualization of history : the past as image Moss, Mark Howard, 1962-
910.285 GIS for dummies / Michael N DeMers DeMers, Michael N.
914.104861 The old ways : a journey on foot / Robert Macfarlane Macfarlane, Robert, 1976-
930 The Histories of Polybius [electronic resource] : Tran  
930.1 Archaeology from space : how the future shapes our past Parcak, Sarah H.
942.0620922 The papers of the Hothams, governors of Hull during the  
944.36 City of immortals : Pe`re-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris / te Campbell, Carolyn
956.70443 Losing small wars : British military failure in Iraq an Ledwidge, Frank
956.70443 Losing small wars : British military failure in the 9/1 Ledwidge, Frank
958.1046 Losing small wars : British military failure in Iraq an Ledwidge, Frank

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