Introducing Statista: painting a picture with numbers

“Data! Data! Data!” he cried impatiently. “I can’t make bricks without clay.”

~ Sherlock Holmes

Whether you want to know how many Costa outlets have opened in London last year, the outlook of the cosmetics market in Hong Kong or which are the three historically most popular British coastal holiday destinations (hint: they include Portsmouth!), Statista has the data you need to see what is going on and about to happen in future.  Covering topics of interest to anyone studying social and consumer trends, politics as well as business, Statista is our broadest and most accessible statistical resource.

Refreshingly simple to use, Statista comprises a whole host of global market, industry, company and customer data.  From a simple search, you can filter your results or just look down the list of icons to see what types of information are available – from analytical reports to simple statistics and figures you can use and cite in your work.  Speaking of which, everything in Statista is also easy to reference.


Highlights include:

  • Top statistics on various topics compiled by experts on all manner of consumer markets
  • Industry reports comprising an overview of all kinds of different industries
  • Reports on different countries and individual cities that are globally important business hubs
  • Customer profiles and customer satisfaction data for major brands
  • Toplists of companies in a given industry or region
  • Outlook reports for digital, consumer goods and mobility sectors
  • Market research survey findings.
  • In-depth market studies and industry reports

Have a play!

See what interesting or shocking facts and figures you can dig out to impress your friends!  If you want to know more about how to get the most from Statista or you cannot find the information you need, please ask our friendly team or get in touch with your faculty librarian directly to request a demonstration.

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