Library staff are still here to help you

Studying at a laptop
Studying at a laptop

The Library building may have closed, but our staff are all here to offer you the same support online that you would expect at the Library help desk.  We can help with finding the information, market data, ebooks and journal articles you need for assignments, teach you how to use our online resources, and help resolve any referencing challenges you might be facing.

Choose from email support, chatting to a librarian online (with the option of a librarian actually demonstrating how our resources work on your computer while you watch!), and good old fashioned telephone support.  Our friendly librarians love to hear from you and are waiting to answer your online chats, emails and calls in real-time.

Here for you 24/7

Outside normal UK working hours, our out-of-hours team will be happy to assist you.  Rest assured that we check everything you have been told the very next morning that we are at work and will follow up if we think anything has been missed, so you can always trust the service you receive, 24/7.

Chat to your Faculty Librarian online

For more in-depth enquiries about finding information for assignments, presentations, dissertations and other work, please get in touch with your subject directly.  You can find photos and contact details for your subject team, including your Faculty Librarian, on your subject pages.  Click here and follow the links to your subject area.  If you get stuck, please ask our enquiry team, who will be happy to put you in touch with your Faculty Librarian.
You can chat with your Faculty Librarian by email, phone or arrange a video call.  Like our enquiries team, they can demonstrate resources to you remotely on your own computer if necessary, showing you how our resources work.


Don’t forget that Referencing@Portsmouth is still available 24/7 on our website.  You can also download a digital pdf version of the printed referencing booklets for APA (6th ed.) and the law referencing system OSCOLA, should you want one.

More library guides

Our complete set of library guides are available on our website, including referencing examples.  You can browse and search the full collection here or ask our friendly subject team to recommend one for you.

Keeping up with the changes

Each new day seems to bring fresh changes at the moment but you can keep up to date with everything that is happening in the Library by checking the Library news and known problems feed and Library blog, or following @uoplibrary on Twitter and Facebook for the latest tips, tricks, important updates, and wellbeing advice.
If anything isn’t obvious, please don’t suffer in silence.  We understand that being suddenly isolated can be disconcerting and worrying, but are here to help.  Don’t be strangers – Library staff are here and waiting to answer your emails, chats and calls!  If you need anything, please get in touch.

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

2 comments on “Library staff are still here to help you
  1. I have 2 books with me due to covid-19 i am anable to return this book. so tell me the way which i canreturn the book.

    • Hi Ritu,

      It is not possible to return library books at the moment. If you are leaving Portsmouth, please leave the books behind with a note for your landlord advising them the books should be returned to they library when it eventually reopens. Otherwise, just keep them with you.

      We realise that the coronavirus pandemic has created serious problems for everyone and appreciate your concerns.

      Thanks for getting in touch,. David

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