Silence distractions with a text

Security staff telling disruptive noisemakers to move to another zone
Persistently disruptive people in the Individual Silent Zone will be asked to move to a space designed for group study.

Sometimes people can be most inconsiderate.  They talk when you are trying to concentrate, answer phone calls, listen to football matches played on their laptops… the list goes on.  It is for times (and people) like these, we offer a “text security” service.

Send a discreet text to the Library Security Team on 07860 756894.  Tell them where in the Library you are (most areas have posters identifying the code for your area but you can just describe it in words – near to which stairwell, what colour the shelves are, etc.) and what (or who) the problem is.  Our security team will scout around the area and speak to anyone who is being noisy.

Help yourself to some peace and quiet

You can help yourself to re-usable earplugs from the Library Help Desk to silence background noise, allowing you to carry your own silent study zone with you wherever you go.  In the interests of sustainability, please re-use your earplugs as many times as you can before picking up a new pack!

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