Lose by Marc Carver

Fish Mail BoxSometimes nice things fall into my email box. I’ve been lucky recently. A few minutes answering a questionnaire for a publisher got us this lovely new book for the library: Magnum Streetwise  I chose it for the photography students. Today, I was sent some poems by Marc Carver. Poems I enjoyed reading, so I thought I would share one with you (Marc kindly gave his permission to post it). If you like them, I’ll share some more.

What do you do when you are alone
that is the real question.
I don’t know what others do.
I can sit in silence writing and there is nothing else in the world
but more times than not I do other things.
Things so I don’t have to write
but why I don’t know.
Things so I don’t have to be alone even though
I run from people
I walk the other way when I see them.
I avoid them
but that makes me lonelier
so lonely I can’t even write.
So what do I do
stay alone
run to people
pester them into talking to me.
It is not that I am uninteresting
I can laugh and be agreeable
yeah I can be a good guy
but in the end I have to lose
I have to lose

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