Changes to Library Fines and Recalls

From January 2020, we will be changing the way we recall books that have been reserved by someone else.  Any outstanding fines have been removed from your library account.  Your loans will continue to be automatically renewed unless someone else has reserved an item on loan to you, in which case we will email and ask you to return the recalled item by a specified date.

What will change in January is that instead of charging you for overdue recalled loans, we will block your Library account so that you cannot borrow or renew anything until the recalled item has been returned.  If you still do not return the recalled item, you will be invoiced for a replacement.  Blocked accounts can only be restored during staffed library hours.

We have also reduced the number of notifications we send to you about your library account.  You will now only receive an email when you are being asked to take action, such as returning a recalled book reserved by someone else, collecting a book you reserved that is now available, or returning all your loans upon completion of your course.

We hope these changes will make our processes easier to understand and encourage the timely return of books for others to use.

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