Eat, drink and be happy

Library vending machinesHead past the Library Help Desk and round the bottom of the wooden staircase in the Library Atrium, and you will find the Library Coffee Shop.  Here you can buy a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks for you to enjoy in the Library or take away.  The seating in this area is convivial and relaxed.  It is a great place to chill out, read the latest newspaper or catch up on recent journal issues, or just sit up at a table to eat.

For anyone watching their spending, drinking water fountains are available near the Library entrance, along the rear corridor on the ground floor near the Postgraduate Study Suite, and at one end of Area 2B on the second floor.

When the cafe is closed and you fancy something other than water, our high-end vending machines are just around the corner to your right.  They are a little hidden from view, but if you follow the wall of journals and newspapers around the corner you will find them.  Here you can buy hot and cold drinks and cold snacks 24/7 and pay by card or cash, so you need never go without. 

A word about hot food from elsewhere

We have had a large number of unhappy incidents with hot (and usually greasy) food brought in from outside, most of which comes enclosed in large volumes of near-incompressible packaging, particularly pizzas.  We therefore have to ask you not to bring hot food bought elsewhere into the Library.  Cold food and non-alcoholic drinks in closable containers from outside are welcome in the Library, just not alcoholic beverages and hot food from elsewhere.



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