Where to get a New University Card

University card production has now resumed in the Library, operating Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm during term time and 9am to 5pm after term ends, excluding Bank Holidays.

This service is for students and staff who require new or replacement university cards. New students will need a purple Proof of ID check card before their card can be printed. This includes any student who has returned on a new programme of study e.g. undergraduate to postgraduate.

Students who have lost their card and require a replacement need to pay £10 via the Online Store or at University House. Students should take proof of the receipt with them to get their card printed.

A replacement card generates a new issue number and a new library number.  Attendance monitoring will work immediately with the new issue number. The new library number is usually imported overnight, however Library staff can manually update this to enable access the Library and to borrow books.

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