Westlaw is migrating platforms and it’s time to rescue anything you saved to a folder!

Folder migrationOn Monday 5 August, Westlaw will move to a new platform.   You will lose all access to the old Westlaw platform on 5 August.

Any articles you may have saved to folders on the old Westlaw platform will also be lost on 5 August.  We regret that if you wish to retain access to any articles you have saved to folders on the old Westlaw platform, you will need to download these manually and then upload them to the new platform, as described below.

The Library catalogue will link to the new Westlaw platform before the 5 August changeover but the links below will allow you to continue to access the old Westlaw platform up until 4 August.


Moving the content of folders to the new Westlaw platform

If you have saved any articles to folders stored on the old Westlaw platform that you wish to use after from 5 August onwards, you need to manually copy them to the new platform, as follows:

  1. Log in to the old Westlaw platform.  If you are working on campus or are connected via the VLE you should be logged in automatically.  If you are working off campus, please follow the institutional login links.
  2. Take a note of what is in your folders. You can do this by opening a folder and choosing to download what is in it.  You can download the whole contents of a folder or just certain articles.
  3. Download the articles that you want to migrate to the new platform as pdf files.
  4. Log in to the new Westlaw platform. You should be logged in automatically on campus or via VLE; off campus, please follow the institutional login links.
  5. You will be required to register for a new My Westlaw account the first time you access the new platform.  Registering will allow you to create folders.
  6. Create new folders for your downloaded files on the new Westlaw platform.
  7. Add your downloaded pdf articles to these new folders on the new Westlaw platform.

If you need any help or advice, please get in touch.


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