New Books – June 2019

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during June 2019 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.]

Classmark Title Author
003 Student solutions manual for operations research : appl Winston, Wayne L.
004.0151 Fundamentals of discrete math for computer science : a Jenkyns, T. A. (Tom A.)
004.0151 Discrete mathematics for computer science : or, (a bit Liben-Nowell, David
005.1 Computational thinking / Peter J. Denning and Matti Ted Denning, Peter J., 1942-
006.3843 Quantum computing for everyone / Chris Bernhardt Bernhardt, Chris
006.696 Character modeling with Maya and ZBrush : professional Patnode, Jason
113 Nature as event : the lure of the possible / Didier Deb Debaise, Didier
113 The metaphysics of experience : a companion to Whitehea Kraus, Elizabeth M.
133.92 The apparitionists : a tale of phantoms, fraud, photogr Manseau, Peter
142.7 Belief and its neutralization : Husserl’s system of phe Brainard, Marcus
149.2 A thing of this world : a history of continental anti-r Braver, Lee
150.727 Research methods and statistics in psychology / Hugh Co Coolican, Hugh
172 Global development ethics : a critique of global capita Souffrant, Eddy M., 1959-
186.4 The architecture of the intelligible universe in the ph Armstrong, A. H. (Arthur Hilary)
186.4 Plotinus : myth, metaphor, and philosophical practice / Clark, Stephen R. L.
186.4 Plotinus / Eyjo´lfur K. Emilsson Eyjo´lfur Kjalar Emilsson
186.4 Plotinus / Lloyd P. Gerson Gerson, Lloyd P.
190 Groundless grounds : a study of Wittgenstein and Heideg Braver, Lee
192 Wittgenstein : understanding and meaning / G.P. Baker & Baker, Gordon P.
194 Reading Sartre / Joseph S. Catalano Catalano, Joseph S.
230.046 The process perspective II / by John B. Cobb, Jr. ; edi Cobb, John B.
264.019 For the life of the world : Sacraments and Orthodoxy / Shmemann, Aleksandr, 1921-1983
306.0723 Ethnography : principles in practice / Martyn Hammersle Hammersley, Martyn
306.44 Language, culture, and communication : the meaning of m Bonvillain, Nancy
306.766208996073 Evidence of being : the black gay cultural renaissance Bost, Darius
320 Politics / Andrew Heywood Heywood, Andrew
327.4701821 The Russia file : Russia and the West in an unordered w  
333.7071 Environment / Peter H. Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden Raven, Peter H.
340.092 House of Lords 1996-2009 / by Lord Hope of Craighead Hope, J. A. D.
341.6 Routledge handbook of war, law and technology / edited  
346.41072 Legal aspects in procurement and supply (UK)  
346.42022 Law of contract / Paul Richards Richards, Paul, 1951-
355.033547 Russia’s military strategy and doctrine / Glen E. Howar  
363.25963 Forensic accounting and fraud examination / Mary-Jo Kra Kranacher, Mary-Jo, 1952-
363.330973 America’s gun wars : a cultural history of gun control Campbell, Donald J., 1948-
364.10609492 The illicit medicines trade from within : an analysis o Koenraadt, Rosa
364.151 Modern genocide : analyzing the controversies and issue (Paul Robert), 1955-
371.3 Rosenshine’s principles in action / Tom Sherrington ; w Sherrington, Tom
387.0711 Company security officer / International Maritime Organ International Maritime Organization
387.160711 Port facility security officer / International Maritime International Maritime Organization
387.540420711 Ship security officer / International Maritime Organiza International Maritime Organization
387.540440711 Actions to be taken to prevent acts of piracy and armed International Maritime Organization
391.650952 Tattoos as punishment : an illustrated history of tatto Shahan, Eric Michael
501 The invention of modern science / Isabelle Stengers ; t Stengers, Isabelle
518 Applied numerical methods with MATLAB for engineers and Chapra, Steven C.
530.11 Numerical relativity / Masaru Shibata Shibata, Masaru, 1966-
551.8 Earth : portrait of a planet / Stephen Marshak Marshak, Stephen, 1955-
572 Biochemistry / Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Gregor Berg, Jeremy M. (Jeremy Mark), 1958-
614.15 Psychological science and the law / edited by Neil Brew  
615.1 Introducing pharmacology for nursing and healthcare / R McFadden, Roger
616.025 AMLS : advanced medical life support : an assessment-ba  
616.200425 Airway management : paramedic / Gregg Margolis, MS, NRE Margolis, Gregg S.
616.89 Psychiatry at a glance Katona, C. L. E. (Cornelius L. E.), 1954-
657.42 Management and cost accounting / Alnoor Bhimani … et  
658.4056 Crisis management : resilience and change / Sarah Kovoo Kovoor-Misrar, Sarah
658.4063 Change by design : how design thinking transforms organ Brown, Tim
658.5 Manufacturing strategy : text and cases / Terry Hill Hill, Terry, 1940-
658.5 Smartphone and app implementations that improve product Nisar, Tahir M.
658.7 Global supply chain and operations management : a decis Ivanov, Dmitry, 1978-
658.8 Marketing : an introduction / Gary Armstrong, Philip Ko Armstrong, Gary (Gary M.)
658.81 Selling and sales management. / David Jobber, Geoff Lan Jobber, David, 1947-
660.6 Industrial biotechnology : products and processes / edi  
686.22409 Theory of type design / Gerard Unger Unger, Gerard, 1942-
709.05 We Roma : a reader in contemporary art. / edited by Dan  
724.6 Lina Bo Bardi : drawings / Zueler R.M. de A. Lima Lima, Zueler R. M. de A.
745.40285 Creative education and dynamic media / Tobias Gremmler Gremmler, Tobias
769.92 International signal code alphabet / Corita Kent Corita, 1918-1986
791 Understanding media production / Paul Dwyer Dwyer, Paul (Paul Adrian)
791.430233092 John Cassavetes : the adventure of insecurity. / Ray Ca Carney, Ray
810.01 Dogsear. / Christopher Danowski Danowski, Christopher
811.6 Dogsear. / Christopher Danowski Danowski, Christopher
820.6 The Bronte¨s and the idea of the human : science, ethic  
820.72 The power of the ring : the spiritual vision behind The Caldecott, Stratford
823.8 The Bronte¨s and the idea of the human : science, ethic  
823.912 The power of the ring : the spiritual vision behind The Caldecott, Stratford
940.2534 Disease, war, and the imperial state : the welfare of t Charters, Erica M. (Erica Michiko), 1978-
940.531741 Internment during the Second World War : a comparative Pistol, Rachel
960 Entretiens sur les non-dits de la de´colonisation : con Sanmarco, Louis, 1912-
973.932 We were eight years in power : an American tragedy / Ta Coates, Ta-Nehisi

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