23 wellbeing things. No. 1, self-calming breathing

Starting with the emergency remedies because they are always good to have to hand, breathing is easily carried out anywhere (you are probably breathing even as you read this, or at least I hope you are because it is kind of important!) and it has a profound impact on mind and body.

Meditating on the move

Simple relaxed breathing technique

Breathing is natural but breathing to relax takes a little more conscious effort.  Stand comfortably with weight centrally distributed, knees soft and tailbone very gently tucked under to relax your lower back, feel the top of your head suspended lightly or sit in a chair with your back supported, your head gently suspended, and your hands resting in your lap.

  • Breath in for 5 seconds – feel the sides and back of your ribs expand and stretch as the air gently spreads to the top of your chest and bottom of your abdomen,
  • hold for 2 seconds,
  • then blow the away very gently through pursed lips for 7 seconds, and repeat.

Notice your thoughts as you breathe, then return to counting your breaths.  Thoughts are your friends, they just don’t get to take you away from your breathing.  Don’t push them away, just Let them be.

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