IBBY Honour List 2018

I was very excited this morning as I opened the crate containing around 60 beautifully illustrated books for young people. This is the third consignment of books we have had the pleasure to host from IBBY, International Board on Books for Young People. Last year’s selection contained books about and for children with disabilities and some of those have since joined our permanent collections. This year we have the best illustrated books. At the moment you can see a selection of these in the glass display case near the book returns sorter in the atrium, but on Thursday we will open the cabinet and provide an opportunity for you to come along and browse. Books are from all over the world; from Argentina and Armenia to Japan and Republic of Korea; from Latvia and Lebanon to UK and USA. My favourite, at a quick glance, comes from France, Le Ruban [The Ribbon] by Adrien Parlange, its also interesting to see the books which read from right to left, such Fadi Fadel’s Nowayer.

Come along and take a closer look on Thursday 21st March in the Library atrium.

One comment on “IBBY Honour List 2018
  1. A selection of books worth feasting your eyes on! Anyone interested in text, imagery and stories for young audiences from across the globe will love them! Don’t wait until they disappear as they are with us for a limited time!

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