Keeping the peace (or how not to have arguments)

The library can get very busy and nerves are easily frayed when people feel under pressure.  Even a whispered conversation can carry far and wide in a quiet, confined and echoey space.  At the other extreme, people working in splendid isolation in a drop-in meeting pod is beyond frustrating for those trying find a place where they can blot out the rest of the world and have a heated discussion about a group project.

For the sake of everyone, please could we ask that you take a moment to choose the best place for the way you intend to study.  Read on for tips on finding the best place for you.

How would you like to study today?

With friends?  You can chat quietly anywhere that is not a designated Individual Silent Study Zone.  These zones are marked by unmistakable purple floor standing banners as you enter them, so they are hard to miss.  The group study booths and drop-in meeting pods are ideal.  You might also consider using/booking a group study room.

On your own but where you can answer your phone?  Borrow a laptop or sit at any desktop computer outside the Individual Silent Study Zones and get stuck in.

On your own in a space free from distractions?  Switch your devices to silent running and head for the Individual Silent Study Zone.  It welcomes such as you.  Just please, if your friends turn up, decide whether you can ignore them or if you would now all be better relocating to another part of the library where you can talk without annoying others!

Other things that help keep everyone happy

  • Separating your rubbish and putting it the food waste/recycling/liquid waste bins before you leave.
  • Cleaning up any spills/mess with the wet-wipes provided.
  • Taking everything with you when you leave.  (Always take your valuables with you if you leave your desk even for a moment.  Nothing ruins your concentration like losing your wallet or mobile phone!)

If all else fails

If someone is annoying you, raise it with them in a friendly, polite manner.  Most such people are simply oblivious to the effect they have on others and will happily change what they are doing.  If not, you can always discreetly text our Security Team on 07860 756894 with brief details of who is annoying you, how and where in the library, and they will make a prompt sweep and have a word with any trouble makers.

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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