Glorious groupwork

Looking for a room to practice presentations, work together in groups or huddle and compare notes?  You can book rooms on all three floors of the Library, all with whiteboards and large screens or a projector available for you to use.  Borrow or connect your own laptop and work away.  These rooms are in heavy demand and so we cannot allow individuals to work in them alone, you must bring a friend!  Room sizes vary, comfortably accommodating between six and eleven people.

You can book group study rooms up to two weeks in advance, either using the touchscreen kiosk inside the entrance or online (requires VPN or web proxy if you are not using the university network – simple set-up instructions for the VPN are available here.

Once booked, you will be given a PIN for each hour you booked the room.  Anyone can scan their student card against the door entry plate and enter the PIN to claim the room but someone needs to make sure they do this during the first 15 minutes of each hour you stay in the room.  If you do not scan in for an hour, the system thinks no-one showed up for that booking and sends you a “no-show” warning.  If the system misbehaves and you cannot scan in, please let us know so we can remove this warning from your account.

You can also always huddle in a diner booth or one of the other group seating areas outside of the top floor Individual Silent Study zone or visit 3rd Space next door on the first floor of the Students’ Union, where you can enjoy comfortable seating and work on projects to your hearts’ content.

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