POVALI: Paul Oliver Vernacular Architecture Library Images

You may remember that I went to the ARCLIB, Architecture Librarians’ Conference recently? As well as networking with colleagues bringing back new ideas for projects and having fun (…not too much) we also share information about interesting resources that are directly useful for our students. POVALI is certainly something that will complement our existing architecture image collections so I’ve added it to the architecture subject page (part 3). Paul Oliver, now deceased, was one of the editors of the Atlas of Vernacular Architecture of the World. Oxford Brookes University Library has inherited his personal library and image collection. The image collection comprises some 20,000 slides of vernacular architecture, collected over 50 years. The database is a work in progress and improving its search capabilities is an ongoing project for the team at Oxford Brookes. However, it can be both searched and browsed, for example by country or year. Images can be used for non-commercial purposes as along as you give appropriate credit (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Enjoy!

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