New Books – July 2018

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during July 2018 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
004.092 Dawn of the new everything : encounters with reality an Lanier, Jaron
004.6782 Cloud networking : understanding cloud-based data cente Lee, Gary, 1958-
005.1 Grokking algorithms : an illustrated guide for programm Bhargava, Aditya
005.133 C++ all-in-one for dummies Mueller, John, 1958-
300.72 Qualitative inquiry & research design : choosing among Creswell, John W.
300.721 Constructing social research : the unity and diversity Ragin, Charles C.
305.6970944 For the Muslims : Islamophobia in France / by Edwy Plen Plenel, Edwy
305.8 The matrix of race : social construction, intersectiona Coates, Rodney D.
307.12160285 Making cities smarter : designing interactive urban app Tomitsch, Martin
333.7 The environmentalism of the poor : a study of ecologica Marti´nez Alier, Juan
342.240662 Post-reform personal data protection in the European Un Krzysztofek, Mariusz
344.049 The criminal prosecution and capital punishment of anim Evans, E. P. (Edward Payson), 1831-1917
347.4205 The civil court practice 2018 : the green book / editor  
362.10285 Health informatics : HL7 personal health record system  
364 Criminological theories : traditional and non-tradition Moyer, Imogene L.
364.163 Fraud in financial statements / Julie E. Margret and Ge Margret, Julie E., 1950-
370.118 Intention : critical creativity in the classroom / Amy Burvall, Amy
371.337 Teach like a gamer : adapting the instructional design Finseth, Carly, 1977-
372.21 Playing and exploring : a practical guide to how babies McTavish, Anni
378.170281 Essential study skills : the complete guide to success Burns, Tom, 1959-
384.550941 Independent television production in the UK : from cott Lee, David, 1975-
384.830973 Film + video budgets / Maureen A. Ryan Ryan, Maureen A., 1962-
510.71241 Picturing data / byPaul Dickinson … and 4 others  
519.50285 Discovering statistics using SPSS / Andy Field Field, Andy P.
577.7 Marine biology : function, biodiversity, ecology / Jeff Levinton, Jeffrey S.
610.73 Fast facts for evidence-based practice in nursing : imp Godshall, Maryann
612.4 Endocrine physiology / Patricia E. Molina, MD, PhD (Ric Molina, Patricia E.
614.42 Routledge handbook of health geography / edited by Valo  
616.8917 The wolf man’s magic word : a cryptonymy / Nicolas Abra Abraham, Nicolas
620.0068 Financial decision-making for engineers / Colin K. Drum Drummond, Colin K.
646.402 Menswear revolution : the transformation of contemporar Bowstead, Jay McCauley
650.1 Up is not the only way : rethinking career mobility / B Kaye, Beverly, 1943-
658.150941 Corporate finance and investment : decisions and strate Pike, Richard (Richard H.)
658.4038 Examining the informing view of organization : applying Travica, Bob
658.5 Operations strategy / Nigel Slack, Michael Lewis Slack, Nigel
659 Brand lands, hot spots and cool spaces : welcome to the Mikunda, Christian
701.03 Curatorial activism / Maura Reilly, Lucy Lippard Reilly, Maura
704.942 Facial expressions : a visual reference for artists / M Simon, Mark, 1964-
720.103 City of play : an architectural and urban history of re Pe´rez de Arce, Rodrigo
745.2092 Embodiment / Naoto Fukasawa Fukasawa, Naoto, 1956-
745.4 Listening to design : a guide to the creative process / Levitt, Andrew, 1953-
746.92092 Balenciaga : shaping fashion / Lesley Ellis Miller Miller, Lesley Ellis
747.023 Interior design : a professional guide / Jenny Grove Grove, Jenny
779.092 The April theses, 1917-2017 / Davide Monteleone Monteleone, Davide, 1974-
779.343092 Flora magnifica : the art of flowers in four seasons / Azuma, Makoto, 1976-
790.2072 Performance as research : knowledge, methods, impact /  
791.4334 The computer-animated film : industry, style and genre Holliday, Christopher
791.43653097309046 The style of sleaze : the American exploitation film, 1 Waddell, Calum
791.457 Understanding Stranger things : essays on eighties nost  
794.8 Persuasive games : the expressive power of videogames / Bogost, Ian
794.8 Gaming masculinity : trolls, fake geeks, and the gender Condis, Amber, 1984-
794.801 Ten things video games can teach us / Jordan Erica Webb Webber, Jordan Erica
808.02 Write to the point : how to be clear, correct and persu Leith, Sam
808.042 Writing at university : a guide for students / Phyllis Creme, Phyllis, 1942-
808.2 Plots and plotting : how to create stories that work / Kimpton, Diana
809.387380900904 The weird and the eerie / Mark Fisher Fisher, Mark, 1968-2017

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