New eBooks – January 2018

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during January 2018 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
(En)countering native-speakerism : global perspectives
3D user interfaces : theory and practice / Joseph J. La LaViola, Joseph J.
A global history of architecture / Francis D.K. Ching, Ching, Francis D. K., 1943-
A history of the Royal Navy : the Napoleonic Wars / Mar Robson, Martin
A history of the Royal Navy : World War II / Duncan Red Redford, Duncan
A short history of the Spanish Civil War / Julia´n Casa Casanova, Julia´n
A short history of the Weimar Republic / Colin Storer Storer, Colin
Africa in global international relations : emerging app
After Brexit [electronic resource] : Consequences for t
After the internet, before democracy [electronic resour Lagerkvist, Johan, 1970-
Air and sea power in World War I [electronic resource] Philpott, Maryam
Alcohol and Drug Misuse [electronic resource] : A Guide Rassool, G. Hussein
All that Gothic / Agnieszka Lowczanin, Dorota Wisniewsk
Alternative histories of English [electronic resource]
An introduction to critical criminology / Pamela Ugwudi Ugwudike, Pamela, 1969-
An Introduction to Green Criminology and Environmental Nurse, Angus
Applications of geographical offender profiling / edite
Assessment issues in language translation and interpret
Audiovisual translation [electronic resource] : subtitl
Audiovisual translation in close-up [electronic resourc
Austerity and political choice in Britain / Harold D. C
Automobile electrical and electronic systems / Tom Dent Denton, Tom
Bandits at sea [electronic resource] : a pirates reader
Biko lives! [electronic resource] : contesting the lega
Br(e)aking the news : journalism, politics and new medi
Brexit : how Britain will leave Europe / Denis MacShane MacShane, Denis
Britishness, identity and citizenship [electronic resou
Building resilience in families under stress [electroni Sawyer, Emma
Building services handbook / Fred Hall and Roger Greeno Hall, Fred
Case study research in applied linguistics [electronic Duff, Patricia, 1959-
Child neglect : planning and intervention / Jan Horwath Basarab-Horwath, Janet Anne, 1952-
Child protection / Kim Holt Holt, Kim
Child protection practice / Harry Ferguson Ferguson, Harry (Thomas Harold)
Children in need of support / Joanne Westwood Westwood, Joanne
China : a modern history / Michael Dillon Dillon, Michael, 1949-
Christian democrat internationalism
Churchill and the Dardanelles / Christopher M. Bell Bell, Christopher M.
Citizen and subject contemporary Africa and the legacy De Goede, Meike
Citizen science for coastal and marine conservation / e
Clients and users in construction : agency, governance
Coastal environments : an introduction to the physical, Carter, Bill (R. W. G.)
Coastal-marine conservation [electronic resource] : sci
Cold War narratives [electronic resource] : American cu Carosso, Andrea, 1958-
Contemporary sex offender risk management
Contesting psychiatry [electronic resource] : social mo Crossley, Nick, 1968-
Control of cracking in reinforced concrete structures /
Cool cities : urban sovereignty and the fix for global Barber, Benjamin R.
Corpora in translation [electronic resource] : a practi Mahadi, Tengku Sepora Tengku, 1961-
Court and legal skills / Penny Cooper Cooper, Penny
Cracking the case of ISO 9001:2008 for service : a simp Cianfrani, Charles A.
Creativity and innovation in language education / Carme
Crime at work
Cultures of transition and sustainability : culture aft Clammer, J. R.
Decision making in social work / Terence O’Sullivan O’Sullivan, Terence
Demand the impossible : science fiction and the Utopian Moylan, Tom
Democracy at the United Nations : UN reform in the age
Developing thinking and understanding in young children Robson, Sue
Dimensions of forensic linguistics [electronic resource
Disability and the media : prescriptions for change / C Riley, Charles A.
Discrimination and the law / Malcolm Sargeant Sargeant, Malcolm
Documentary Editing [electronic resource] : Principles Bricca, Jacob
Domesticating the public [electronic resource] : women’ Richter, Daniela, 1975-
Durability design of concrete structures : phenomena, m Li, Kefei, 1972-
Earth as an evolving planetary system / Kent C. Condie Condie, Kent C.
Earthquake resistant design of buildings / Mehmet E. Uz Uz, Mehmet E.
Embodying masculinities [electronic resource] : towards
Empires in World War I : shifting frontiers and imperia
Endangered languages, knowledge systems and belief syst Hirsh, David, 1965-
English and German nationalist and anti-semitic discour International conference English and German
English nationalism and euroscepticism [electronic reso Wellings, Ben, 1971-
E-political socialization, the press and politics : the
Ethics and security automata : policy and technical cha Welsh, Sean, 1963-
EU : beyond the crisis : a debate on sustainable integr
Eurocentrism, racism and knowledge : debates on history
Evaluating computer-assisted language learning [electro Leakey, Jonathan, 1962-
Everyday nationhood : theorising culture, identity and
Evidence based coaching handbook [electronic resource]
Expert internet searching / Phil Bradley Bradley, Phil
Exploiting the wilderness : an analysis of wildlife cri Warchol, Greg L. (Gregory L.), 1961-
Failure in geomaterials : a contemporary treatise / Ric Wan, Richard
Fluvial forms and processes : a new perspective / David Knighton, David
Foreign language learning outside school : places to se
Forensic alcohol test evidence (FATE) : a handbook for Brick, John, 1950-
Forging the world : strategic narratives and internatio
Forms of address in Polish-English subtitling [electron Szarkowska, Agnieszka
France and the Mediterranean : international relations,
Francophone women [electronic resource] : between visib
French in and out of France [electronic resource] : lan
Functional biopolymers / Vijay Kumar Thakur, Manju Kuma
Fundamental building technology [electronic resource] / Charlett, Andrew J.
G. A. T. C. A. [electronic resource] : A Practical Guid McGill, Ross, 1955-
Gender and emotion : an interdisciplinary perspective /
Gender and French identity after the Second World War, Colvin, Kelly Ricciardi
Gender and identity in North Africa [electronic resourc Cheref, Abdelkader
Gender and ideology in translation [electronic resource Leonardi, Vanessa
Geographies of Development [electronic resource] : An I
Global interactions in English as a Lingua Franca [elec Poppi, Franca, 1959-
Green infrastructure : incorporating plants and enhanci Dover, John W.
Gutter auteur [electronic resource] : the films of Andy Craig, Rob, 1954-
Handbook for practice learning in social work and socia
Handbook of Epoxy Blends [electronic resource] / edited
Handbook on risk and need assessment : theory and pract
History and foreign policy in France and Germany / Ulri Krotz, Ulrich
History and Material Culture : a student’s guide to app
Hollywood and the Americanization of Britain : from the Glancy, H. Mark
Immunology / Peter Lydyard, Alex Whelan, Michael Fanger Lydyard, Peter M.
Improving child and family assessments [electronic reso
In the place of utopia : affect and transformative idea Tie, Warwick
Innovative earthquake soil dynamics / Takaji Kokusho Kokusho, Takaji
Intelligent transportation systems / editor, Paolo Paga
Intercultural competence [electronic resource] : concep
International financial statement analysis / Thomas R.
Introduction to the history of English / Thomas Kohnen Kohnen, Thomas, 1956-
Islamophobia : lived experiences of online and offline Zempi, Irene
Labour movement in Britain from Thatcher to Blair [elec Barlow, Keith
Leadership coaching : working with leaders to develop e
Learning through child observation / Mary Fawcett and D Fawcett, Mary, 1936-
Legal translation in context [electronic resource] : pr
Level design : processes and experiences / edited by Ch
Lingua franca English [electronic resource] : the role Dro¨schel, Yvonne
Linguistics [electronic resource] : an introduction to
Lobbying in Europe : public affairs and the lobbying in
Looked after children / Caroline Ball Ball, Caroline
Making partnerships with service users and advocacy gro Gosling, Julie, 1950-
Management of construction projects : a constructor’s p Schaufelberger, John, 1942-
Marine and coastal resource management : principles and
Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning [electro Hooley, Graham
Materials for a healthy, ecological and sustainable bui Petrovic, Emina Kristina
Measuring construction : prices, output and productivit
Media, migration and public opinion [electronic resourc
Meeting the needs of your most able pupils Alderman, Tim
Meeting the needs of your most able pupils in modern fo Ingram, Gretchen
Meggs’ history of graphic design / Philip B. Meggs, Als Meggs, Philip
Men, masculinities and violence : an ethnographic study Ellis, Anthony
Mergers and acquisitions : a step-by-step legal and pra Miller, Edwin L.
Migrant women’s voices / Linda McDowell McDowell, Linda
Migration, narration, identity [electronic resource] :
Modern theories of politics [electronic resource] / Eva Sembou, Evangelia
Motion Capture in Performance [electronic resource] : a Delbridge, M.
Nation, memory and Great War commemoration : mobilizing
Negotiating linguistic identity : language and belongin
Non-destructive techniques for the assessment and prese
Nuclear Iran : the birth of an atomic state / David Pat Patrikarakos, David, 1977-
Ocean Energy [electronic resource] : Governance Challen
Onshore structural design calculations : power plant an El-Reedy, Mohamed A. (Mohamed Abdallah)
Organizational Behavior [electronic resource] : An Evid Luthans, Fred
Orientalism and war / Tarak Barkawi and Ketih Stanski
Perceiving identity through accent [electronic resource Beinhoff, Bettina
Practical social work law : analysing court cases and Laird, Siobhan Elizabeth
Practising social inclusion [electronic resource] / edi
Practising social work in a complex world / edited by R
Procedural generation in game design / edited by Tanya
Programming Python / Mark Lutz Lutz, Mark
Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies [elec
Queen and country [electronic resource] : the relation
Reimagining restorative justice / David O’Mahony and Jo O’Mahony, David
Repetition, difference, and knowledge in the work of Sa Gendron, Sarah, 1967-
Research design [electronic resource] : successful desi Hakim, Catherine
Research methods in criminal justice and criminology / Hagan, Frank E.
Research methods in education / Louis Cohen, Lawrence M Cohen, Louis, 1928-
Re-thinking autism : diagnosis, identity and equality /
Reverse mergers [electronic resource] : and other alter Feldman, David N., 1960-
Risk, crisis and security management [electronic resour Borodzicz, Edward P.
Routledge handbook of European elections / edited by Do
Safeguarding adults / Alison Brammer Brammer, Alison
Shadows of empire in West Africa : new perspectives on
Smart cities : foundations, principles, and application
Social work with adults / edited by Martin Davies
Socio-cultural values in the development of intercultur Brighton, Christopher, 1974-
Soul thieves : the appropriation and misrepresentation
Sovereignty in exile : a Saharan liberation movement go Wilson, Alice
Speaking in subtitles : revaluing screen translation / Dwyer, Tessa
Speaking the language of the night : aspects of the Got Raducanu, Adriana, 1969-
Special structural topics / edited by Paul W. McMullin,
Speech acts and politeness across languages and culture
Speed reading in a week [electronic resource] / Tina Ko Konstant, Tina
Stalking sociologists : J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI surveilla Keen, Mike Forrest
State crime, women and gender / Victoria E. Collins Collins, Victoria E.
Steel structures : practical design studies / Hassan Al Al Nageim, H. (Hassan)
Structural engineer’s pocket book : Eurocodes / Fiona C Cobb, Fiona
Structural health monitoring [electronic resource] : a Farrar, C. R. (Charles R.)
Students in Twentieth-Century Britain and Ireland [elec
Subtitling matters [electronic resource] : new perspect Ghia, Elisa, 1982-
Successful project management / Trevor L. Young Young, Trevor L. (Trevor Leonard), 1940-
Surveillance, capital and resistance : theorizing the s McCahill, Michael
Sustainability in engineering design and construction / Yates, J. K., 1955-
Talking bodies : interdisciplinary perspectives on embo
Tall building foundation design / Harry Poulos Poulos, H. G., 1940-
Tall buildings : the proceedings of a symposium on tall
Teaching foreign languages for tourism [electronic reso
The Algerian novel and colonial discourse [electronic r Aoudjit, Abdelkader
The Allied occupation of Germany : the refugee crisis, Graham-Dixon, Francis
The Athletic Skills Model [electronic resource] : Optim Wormhoudt, Rene´
The Boer War : a history / Denis Judd & Keith Surridge Judd, Denis, 1938-
The Cambridge encyclopedia of child development / edite
The certified manager of quality/organizational excelle
The certified six sigma black belt handbook / T.M. Kubi Kubiak, T. M.
The communist manifesto [electronic resource] / Karl Ma Marx, Karl, 1818-1883
The corporate media toolkit : advanced techniques for p DiZazzo, Raymond
The criminal lifestyle : patterns of serious criminal c Walters, Glenn D.
The cultural nature of attachment : contextualizing rel
The exam skills handbook : achieving peak performance / Cottrell, Stella
The failure of the two-state solution : the prospects o
The Festival of Britain [electronic resource] : a land Atkinson, Harriet
The financial crisis and white collar crime : the perfe Ryder, Nicholas
The generation of Edward Hyde [electronic resource] : t Bland, Jay, 1945-
The German League for the Prevention of Women’s Emancip Guido, Diane J., 1961-
The globalization paradox [electronic resource] : why g Rodrik, Dani
The Great War and postmodern memory : the First World W Renard, Virginie
The JCT minor works building contracts 2016 / David Cha Chappell, David
The Maidan Uprising, separatism and foreign interventio
The mediation handbook : research, theory, and practice
The republic and the riots : exploring urban violence i Moran, Matthew
The role of amphibious warfare in British defence polic Speller, Ian, 1969-
The role of pedagogical translation in second language Leonardi, Vanessa
The student phrase book : vocabulary for writing at uni Godfrey, Jeanne
The student’s guide to writing : spelling, punctuation Peck, John, 1947-
The Swedish porn scene : exhibition contexts, 8mm porno Larsson, Mariah
The Translator on Stage [electronic resource] / Geraldi Brodie, Geraldine
The work-based learning student handbook / edited by Ru
Through the body : a practical guide to physical theatr Callery, Dymphna
Tourism Crises [electronic resource] : causes, conseque Henderson, Joan C.
Toward a criminology of disaster : what we know and wha Frailing, Kelly
Trafalgar square and the narration of Britishness, 1900 Sumartojo, Shanti
Transformations of democracy : crisis, protest and legi
Translating expressive language in children’s literatur Epstein, B. J., 1979-
Translating gender [electronic resource] / Eleonora Fed
Translating humour in audiovisual texts / Gian Luigi De
Translation peripheries [electronic resource] : paratex
Translation, technology and autonomy in language teachi International Conference on Translation, Tech
Twitter and society / edited by Katrin Weller and four
Understanding child development : 0-8 years / Jennie Li Lindon, Jennie
Understanding company law / Alastair Hudson Hudson, Alastair
Understanding police intelligence work / Adrian James James, Adrian, 1957-
Unlocking criminal law / Tony Storey Storey, Tony
Validity evaluation in language assessment [electronic Norris, John Michael
Valuation : special properties and purposes / edited by
Valuing people in construction / edited by Fidelis Emuz
Variation in language : faces of Facebook English / Mar Dabrowska, Marta
Virtual worlds for language learning [electronic resour Sadler, Randall, 1965-
Visionary leadership in a turbulent world : thriving in
Weak messianism [electronic resource] : essays in every Gardiner, Michael E.
When the girls come out to play : teenage working-class Milcoy, Katharine
Wind energy engineering : a handbook for onshore and of
Women and journalism / Suzanne Franks Franks, Suzanne
Women and war in Rwanda : gender, media and the represe Holmes, Georgina
World Englishes : rethinking paradigms / edited by Ee L
Write it right : the secrets of effective writing / Joh Peck, John, 1947-

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