Changes to the library photocopying service for staff

From 1st January 2018 the library will no longer be offering a photocopying service for staff.

Up until now, academic staff were able to request that library staff photocopy print journal articles and book chapters on their behalf for collection at a later date or to be sent to their department.  This service is how hardly used.  The Library has for a long time been moving towards delivering increasingly many journal resources electronically.  Electronic resources are more sustainable than printed journals and are instantly accessible from anywhere.  A growing e-resource collection means we now enjoy access to large back runs of many journal titles without losing physical space in the library.  Most journals are now available electronically and those to articles to outside our subscriptions can usually delivered to your email inbox by interlibrary loan.  Articles can also usually be printed out if required.

If you are a member of staff and would like to make a digital copy of a book chapter, journal or magazine article available to a group of students, you can ask us to scan it and make it available online through your online reading list(s) under our Copyright Licensing Agency Scanning License.  Click here for more information about the Library digitisation service.

If you have difficulty reading from a screen and require a printed copy, please contact our Accessibility Team for advice on the additional services we offer.

If you need to make copies of articles in printed journals, self-service scanning and photocopying are available in the Library for staff and students.  Please remember that all copying must comply with copyright law.  Guidance on how much may be photocopied is displayed near the photocopiers.

University staff and PhD students are also welcome to borrow printed journals for short periods.

For further details, please visit our photocopying web page or get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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