Changes to the Library zones

In order to better exclude the ambient noise rising from the Atrium into the Individual Silent Study Zone, we have moved one of the Individual Silent Study Zones to the first floor.  Area 1B is now an Individual Silent Study Zone; Area 2B has ceased to be one.  The Individual Silent Study zones now comprise Area 1B on the first floor and Areas 2A & 2C second floor.  The entrances to the Individual Silent Study zones are clearly marked with red and white signs in lollipop stands.

Please do not talk, answer you phone or otherwise make a noise in the Individual Silent Study zones.  You are welcome to work with others and hold quiet conversations in the rest of the Library and in 3rd Space, next door in the Student Union.  Most people occasionally want to get their heads down and study without distractions from time to time, and the Individual Silent Study zones are often the only place they can.  Please respect this and let them study in peace.

If someone is disturbing your work, it is worth asking them if they realise they are in an Individual Silent Study zone and telling them they are disrupting your concentration.  If you prefer, or if they persist, you can discreetly text our Security team on 07860 756894 and they will walk through and ask anyone making a noise to stop or move to leave the silent study zone.


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