Revised Library Web Site – what’s new?

The Library website has been given a major revision and moved to its new location at Any old links and bookmarks you have should continue to work as you be automatically redirected, or prompted to link to the new site. However it may take a couple of days for all the redirections to take place, so please excuse any problems that may arise. It will also take a couple of days for the search engine to catch up.

What’s changed?

Originally the revision project was intended to encompass both technical updates as well as University re-branding, unfortunately the time available to do this was not sufficient, so we have concentrated on technical aspects, with rebranding to follow in 2018.

There are far too many detail changes to enumerate here – and most will be of no interest to the site’s visitors – but there are a few significant changes which will affect everyone.


We have an all new navigation system, featuring fast drop down menus on every page. This should speed things up significantly as you find your way around the site. We have also slightly restructured the menus, simplifying things and making the organisation more logical. Nearly all the old content has been included in the old site – but some items have been given a new home. Currently missing are some archival items, which will be added soon.


A new feature is a “login option”.  This is intended to make life a little easier for University members. If you choose to login (and it is entirely optional), you will be seamlessly shown restricted content which previously required a separate login process. At present this will not make a lot of difference, but will increasingly do so in the months to come.

As an example, those online resources listed in subject pages which have restricted access will now show those access details “in line”, saving you having to go the the Library Catalogue and then to the offcampus passwords pages.

Unfortunately, the login will not allow you seamless access to 3rd party services – for technical reasons that’s still something for the future.

Look ‘n’ Feel

Although we’ve delayed rebranding until 2018, we have taken some steps to improve the usability of the site. You’ll notice a larger font and a bit more white space to improve readability. As well as this, a number of technical changes improve overall accessibility as well as operation on the full range of mobile devices. Whether you use a PC or mobile, you have access to the full range of Library information


This has been a lengthy and complex project – it would be surprising if a few errors haven’t slipped through. If you find any problems, or have any suggestions for further improvements, please let us know.

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