New eBooks – May 2017

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during May 2017 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
Advanced environmental exercise physiology [electronic Cheung, Stephen S., 1968-
Advertising & IMC [electronic resource] : principles & Moriarty, Sandra E. (Sandra Ernst)
An introduction to medicinal chemistry / Graham L. Patr Patrick, Graham L.
Application of infrared thermography in sports science
Architecture competition : project design and the build Strebel, Ignaz, 1970-
Ashcan art, whiteness, and the unspectacular man / Alex Boylan, Alexis L.
Atmosphere, weather, and climate [electronic resource] Barry, Roger Graham
Beaches and coasts [electronic resource] / Richard A. D Davis, Richard A. (Richard Albert), 1937-
Beginning qualitative research : a philosophic and prac Maykut, Pamela S.
Best practices for transportation agency use of social
Burger’s Medicinal chemistry and drug discovery [electr Burger, Alfred, 1905-2000
Coastal problems : geomorphology, ecology, and society Viles, Heather
Collaborative policing : police, academics, professiona
Communism unwrapped [electronic resource] : consumption
Concrete and sustainability [electronic resource] / Per Jahren, Per, 1939-
Concrete pavement design, construction, and performance Delatte, Norbert J.
Conduct and pay in the financial services industry : th
Consumer behavior [electronic resource] : buying, havin Solomon, Michael R.
Consumer behavior in action : real-life applications fo Lantos, Geoffrey Paul, 1952-
Contractor safety management [electronic resource] / ed
Cracking creativity [electronic resource] : the secrets Michalko, Michael, 1940-
Critical urban infrastructure handbook / edited by Japa
Culture in psychology [electronic resource] / edited by
Defects and damage in composite materials and structure Heslehurst, Rikard Benton
Design and anthropology [electronic resource] / edited
Design engineer’s reference guide : mathematics, mechan Richards, Keith L.
Digital marketing excellence : planning and optimizing Chaffey, Dave, 1963-
Disney U [electronic resource] : how Disney University Lipp, Doug
Educating children in conflict zones : research, policy
Education and conflict [electronic resource] : complexi Davies, Lynn
Embodiment in qualitative research / Laura Ellingson Ellingson, Laura L.
Embodiment, emotion, and cognition [electronic resource Maiese, Michelle
Emotion in games : theory and praxis / Kostas Karpouzis
Energy and society : an introduction / Harold H. Schobe Schobert, Harold H., 1943-
Engineering writing by design : creating formal documen Rothwell, Edward J.
Ernsting’s aviation medicine [electronic resource] / Da
Exercise prescription : the physiologocal foundations : Woolf-May, Kate
Exploring professionalism [electronic resource] / edite
Foods, nutrition and sports performance : an internatio
Gender, sex, and subordination in England, 1500-1800 / Fletcher, Anthony
Global leadership : the next generation / Marshall Gold
Green fashion
How to improve your critical thinking & reflective skil McMillan, Kathleen
How to write a business plan / Mike P. McKeever McKeever, Mike P.
Human Thermal Environments : The Effects of Hot, Modera Parsons, Ken
Ideaspotting : how to find your next great idea / by Sa Harrison, Sam, 1954-
In the company of women : inspiration and advice from o Bonney, Grace
Introduction to coastal processes & geomorphology / Ger Masselink, Gerd
Introduction to engineering mechanics : a continuum app Rossmann, Jenn Stroud
Introduction to environmental engineering and science [ Masters, Gilbert M.
Introduction to ergonomics / R.S. Bridger Bridger, R. S.
Leadership [electronic resource] : research findings, p DuBrin, Andrew J.
LGBTQs, media and culture in Europe / edited by Alexand
Living and dying in the contemporary world : a compendi
Logistics & supply chain management [electronic resourc Christopher, Martin
Lost in transition [electronic resource] : ethnographie Ghodsee, Kristen Rogheh, 1970-
Masters of FX : behind the scenes with geniuses of visu Failes, Ian
Measurement and data analysis for engineering and scien Dunn, Patrick F.
Mechanical design of electric motors / Wei Tong Tong, Wei
Mechanics of materials / Clarence W. de Silva De Silva, Clarence W.
Mechatronics : a foundation course / Clarence W. De Sil De Silva, Clarence W.
Modern construction [electronic resource] : lean projec Forbes, Lincoln H.
Mood and modality / F. R. Palmer Palmer, F. R.
Movies and politics : the dynamic relationship / edited
Musical theatre song : a comprehensive course in select Purdy, Stephen
Once upon a time : a short history of fairy tale / Mari Warner, Marina
Parameterized algorithms / Marek Cygan, Fedor V. Fomin, Cygan, Marek, 1984-
Performance-based fire safety design / Morgan J. Hurley Hurley, Morgan J.
Periodization training for sports [electronic resource] Bompa, Tudor O.
Physical activity and health guidelines : recommendatio Rahl, Riva L., 1973-
Physical security and environmental protection [electro Perdikaris, John
Pixar and the aesthetic imagination : animation, storyt Herhuth, Eric, 1983-
Practical robot design : game playing robots / Jagannat Kanniah, Jagannathan
Principles of tidal sedimentology [electronic resource]
Project management 2.0 : leveraging tools, distributed Kerzner, Harold
Project Management Case Studies Kerzner, Harold
Public Service Operations Management : A research handb Radnor, Zoe J.
Research with children : perspectives and practices / e
Responses to self harm [electronic resource] : an histo Dale, Leigh
Routledge handbook of physical cultural studies / edite
Running a successful photography business / Lisa Pritch Pritchard, Lisa
Safety differently : human factors for a new era / Sidn Dekker, Sidney
Screening Bosnia [electronic resource] : geopolitics, g Harper, Stephen
Self-determination theory : basic psychological needs i Ryan, Richard M.
Sensory stories for children and teens with special edu Grace, Joanna
Services management [electronic resource] : an integrat
Sexual decoys : gender, race and war in imperial democr Eisenstein, Zillah R.
Sexual offending : cognition, emotion and motivation /
Social media : culture and identity / edited by Kehbuma
Soft targets and crisis management : what emergency pla Fagel, Michael J.
Sports biomechanics : the basics : optimising human per Blazevich, Anthony J.
Structural analysis and design of tall buildings [elect Taranath, Bungale S.
Sustainable practices in geoenvironmental engineering [ Yong, R. N. (Raymond Nen)
Television and serial adaptation / Shannon Wells-Lassag Wells-Lassagne, Shannon
Television and the second screen : interactive TV in th Blake, James, 1973-
The art and technique of matchmoving : solutions for th Hornung, Erica, 1969-
The design experience : the role of design and designer Press, Mike
The effects of induced hydraulic fracturing on the envi
The filmmaker’s guide to visual effects : the art and t Dinur, Eran
The handbook of homicide / edited by Fiona Brookman, Ed
The left side of history [electronic resource] : World Ghodsee, Kristen Rogheh, 1970-
The marketing era [electronic resource] : from professi Applbaum, Kalman
The marketing era [electronic resource] : from professi Applbaum, Kalman
The principles of thermodynamics / N. D. Hari Dass Hari Dass, N. D., 1946-
The psychology of interpersonal violence / Clive R. Hol Hollin, Clive R.
The Routledge companion to reinventing management educa
The Routledge international handbook of criminology and
The science of beach lifeguarding / edited by Mike Tipt
Thought in action : expertise and the conscious mind / Montero, Barbara Gail
Tools in fluvial geomorphology / edited by G. Mathias K
Transgender youth : perceptions, media influences and s
Urban transportation and logistics [electronic resource
VFX artistry [electronic resource] : a visual tour of h Drate, Spencer
Waves, tides, and shallow-water processes / prepared by Open University, Oceanography Course Team,
What every engineer should know about cyber security an DeFranco, Joanna F.
Why everyone (else) is a hypocrite : evolution and the Kurzban, Robert, 1969-
Women, Celebrity and Cultures of Ageing : Freeze Frame Jermyn, Deborah
Women’s magazines in print and new media / edited by No

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