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Spring is here and it is the perfect time to think yourself happy.  Here are our top tips for divesting yourself of misery and embracing contentment this Spring.  If you are an avid reader, you can always read more for yourself about the art of happiness or try one of these books.

Be kind to yourself

When even smiling makes your face ache, try thinking positively instead.  Be much kinder to yourself.  Understand that you are not perfect and should not expect anything more from yourself than you do from other people.  Focus on your successes and feel good about them.

Don’t dwell on fear

Worrying never made anything better.  Almost all the worry you will experience in your life will be wasted when the things you have built up in your mind pass without incident.  Even those things that are worrying when they arrive are made worse by worrying beforehand because it leaves you tired and less able to cope.  

Misery loves company

Admit it – you want to talk to at least one friend but worries about work are forcing you to put off that much needed chat, while it quietly nags at the back of your mind, distracting you from your work.  Am I right?

Get in touch and set up a meeting time and place.  Knowing you are going to meet other people and enjoy yourself makes it so much easier to settle and focus on the task in hand.  Setting up social treats in store means you work better and feel happier.  There is no downside!

The pen is mightier…

Writing a list of happy words or thoughts first thing in the morning makes you feel happier.  Why not write down things in your life that you love and are amazing?  It will make you happier.

The rest of the time, if you have intrusive thoughts you cannot clear from your mind, grab a journal and write them down.  Getting thoughts down on paper clears them from your mind because you no longer have to remember them.  You have also fixed them so they cannot change over time: in this way you will see that what worries you at one time rarely if ever worries you later on.  You will very often wonder why you worried about them in the first place.  After a while, you may want to stop worrying at all.

If you cannot settle to either of the above, try just writing whatever comes into your mind.  Just pour a continuous stream of consciousness onto the page.

De-clutter your life

List everything in your life that irritates you and eliminate everything on that list from your life that you can.  Of those things that remain, ask yourself if you can think or act in ways that make them much less irritating.

Tidy your living or work space.  A clear mind needs a clear space and clutter can be distracting.  Give away or sell things you no longer want or need.

Happy routine, happy life

Go to bed a little earlier each night, drink a little more water, strive to eat a little better and exercise a little more every day.  You will be a happier, healthier you before you know it.

If you are lying in the gutter, look up to the stars

Negative news and doom merchants all can spoil your good mood.  Avoid them.  Follow only things on social media that give you uncontaminated joy… like the Library Facebook and Twitter feeds or Pablo Penguin on Twitter.  Lose yourself in a good book, game or conversation.  The possibilities are endless once you disconnect from the social drip feed of negativity.

Is there anything else you find particularly effective that we have missed?  Let us know in the comments below.

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