Wireless network problems (resolved)

Update 17.02.17 – The ITHs have replaced the wireless chipset in some laptops, which IS believe will resolve this issue.

There is a serious ongoing problem with the wireless network in the Library.  If you experience wireless connection issues, please speak to an IT Helper at the Support Services Desk in Area 0A.  It is important that your problem is logged by an IT Helper in the Library or by the IS Service Desk because the more clients who are recorded as experiencing this problem, the faster it is likely to be resolved.  Please direct enquiries and complaints about this particular issue to the IS Service Desk: call 023 9284 7777 or email service.desk@port.ac.uk.


Most tables on the ground floor have ethernet data sockets as well as power sockets.  If you bring in an ethernet cable, available from high street electrical retailers, you can plug your laptop into one of these data sockets for a secure, ultrafast and entirely reliable computer network connection.  We understand that the wireless network in other buildings, including the three other Open Access Suites, is unaffected.