Pluralsight (formerly Digital Tutors) moving to a new platform

Pluralsight (formerly Digital Tutors) is moving to a new platform this week.  As a result, everyone who wishes to use PluralSight in future will have to register to use the new platform.

If you have used PluralSight/Digital Tutors under the University of Portsmouth Library subscription  and you have used the site for at least 30 minutes in the past 12 months, you should receive an email from Pluralsight inviting you to re-register on the new platform.  If you have not registered with Pluralsight before or have not used it for at least 30 minutes in the past 12 months you will need to register to use the new platform.  Details of how to register on the new platform if you had not previously registered on Digital Tutors will appear on the library catalogue in January.

We regret that playlists saved under your previous login/on the old platform will not be available after the transfer.

What will be different on the new platform?

  • The login page is now If you had bookmarked the old login site, please update your bookmarks. The Library Catalogue and Discovery links will be updated from January 2017.
  • Previously only 10 people could use Pluralsight/Digital Tutors at a time.   Now there is no maximum number of concurrent users, so you will never be turned away from accessing the site if other people are using it.  Each student or member of staff will have an individual account, which they can log into at any time using their University of Portsmouth email address.
  • The content library has been expanded to include over 5,000 courses.  We also now have access to Code School, a learn by doing platform to learn programming.

If you have any questions please get in touch.