Current shelfmarks unavailable (15 Dec 2016 update)

The roofing contractors have moved round to the next side of the Library roof.  Books with shelfmarks 001 – 004.565 on the ground floor and shelfmarks 610.285 upwards on the first floor are once again accessible.  We have been busy collecting books for which you have completed reservation cards in these areas and you may once again enter these spaces safely.

New areas are inaccessible, however.  Once again, please complete reservation cards for books with the following classmarks.  Please do not cross the barrier tape because this risks serious injury if something should accidentally fall on you.  Reservation cards are available from the top of shelving block 2, from staffed desks, and the top of the red post box just inside the entrance to Area 0A/opposite the Support Services Desk.

If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch.  If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please post a suggestion slip into the red post box in Area 0A or use our Online Suggestion Box on the Library website.

Please click on “Read more” for a current list of affected shelf mark numbers.

Please complete reservation cards for books with the following shelfmarks

Ground floor

004.565 – 005.133

070.43333 RID – 077 REP

142.7 EMB – 301.072 SMI

302 KRE – 302.2 OPE

First floor

510 HAM – 610.285 CLI