Current list of inaccessible classmarks

The expansion of the work on the roof means that a further section of the ground floor has been sealed off with tape.  Please complete reservation cards for any books with the following classmarks.  Reservation cards are available from the small table near Block 2, staffed desks, and the top of the red post box just inside the entrance to Area 0A/opposite the Support Services Desk.

If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch.  If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please post a suggestion slip into the red post box in Area 0A or use our Online Suggestion Box on the Library website.

Please click on “Read more” for a current list of the shelf mark numbers affected on the Ground Floor

Inaccessible classmark numbers on the ground floor

001 – 004.65*

004.65 – 005.133

070.44935502 RAP – 077 REP

142.6 KER – 150 PSY

300.72 – 301.072

302 THO – 302.2 PEN

*This area has lost its barrier tape but no official confirmation has been received that it is safe to re-enter here and further work here is expected at any time.

Inaccessible classmark numbers on the first floor

574.19 – 624.18