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Although we do not subscribe to the full collection of Elgar Online we do have access to 169 Elgar Research Reviews.  The easiest way of finding these resources is to go through the University Library catalogue and search for ‘elgar online reviews‘.   This will take you directly to the page displaying all content.  Here you can browse by title and refine by subject and date.  You can also do a keyword search in the top search bar. 

There is also an option to select Monograph Books.  Some of these are already in the library collection either as print copies or an e-book.  Some titles have extracts and chapters available as PDF downloads. You may also see titles that appear to be completely unavailable to you but we have been ordering Elgar books for many years, independently from Elgar Online, so please double check on our catalogue, using a title search, before contacting us with a book order.

Selecting Business & Management under Subject, you will see there are 72 titles available as Research Reviews. I chose International and global strategy by Torben Pedersen.  You have a useful option to search the book for keywords. At the side of the item description there is a library link resolver which will either provide a direct link to the book on the catalogue or provide a link to request an interlibrary loan.  However do be careful.  I did a separate catalogue search for this title having been told it was not in stock.  We do have this title but it is an e-book so it has a different ISBN.

Elgar Research Reviews consist of two principal components: a scholarly Review Article and a list of Recommended Readings.

The Review Article prepared by a leading scholar introduces the relevant field of academic study by making reference to the most seminal articles within that field. This piece sets in context the readings that follow, illustrating how they have shaped scholarship and why they are important to the development of the field. The Recommended Readings have full references to facilitate further research.

However be aware that Elgar Research Reviews offer a descriptive, historical view rather than an analytical standpoint so although these are are useful resources for business students and staff, especially when writing your literature reviews, you may have to think about a more analytical approach if you intend using these texts in your academic writing.

 If you are interested in business research titles in the University Library there are plenty on the catalogue.  The subject options are listed on the left side of the page so I chose Business & Management.
Don’t forget that you can contact either sue.stevenson@port.ac.uk or lizzie.wildgoose@port.ac.uk if you would like to order a title for the library collection.

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