PURE joy: Library support for disseminating your research

Every publication has to be submitted to the institutional PURE repository immediately upon acceptance by the journal in which it is published in order to satisfy the HEFCE Open Access Policy and eligibility for inclusion in REF assessments.  Sounds scary?  It needn’t be.  You have an entire Research Outputs Team in the Library on your side, working to make your lives easier and the deposit process more understandable.  For starters, why not watch our two minute video introducing Open Access.


PURE impact

Depositing a copy in PURE very often allows you to deposit a copy of your peer-reviewed post- or pre-print and then point to it for all to see. Researchers with no access to the particular journal you published in can still find your research, read it, order a copy and cite it in their research.  Depositing a copy in PURE means more researchers will see your published work.  Greater visibility means greater impact and more citations.  It helps the University but it also helps you.  If you are concerned about how to deposit your work, don’t forget you can send it to your faculty depositor to upload it for you.

Support for your openly accessible research

If you want to know more or find help and advice on choosing where to publish, understanding impact factors and bibliometrics, the PURE repository and Research Portal, Open Access and more explore the Library Research Outputs web pages or email openaccess@port.ac.uk to get in touch.

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