New Books – Sept. 2016

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during September 2016 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001.4 Research and fieldwork in development / Daniel Hammett, Hammett, Daniel
001.4 The literature review : six steps to success / Lawrence Machi, Lawrence A.
004.62 Internet of Things : an introduction with PIC microcont Ibrahim, Dogan
005.1 Fundamentals of parameterized complexity / Rodney G. Do Downey, R. G. (Rod G.)
005.54 Microsoft Excel 2016 bible / John Walkenbach Walkenbach, John
020.72 Research methods in information / Alison Jane Pickard Pickard, Alison Jane
028.909410903 The reading nation in the Romantic period / William St St. Clair, William
069.094 Museums in postcolonial Europe / edited by Dominic Thom
070.18 New documentary / Stella Bruzzi Bruzzi, Stella, 1962-
070.18 The subject of documentary / Michael Renov Renov, Michael, 1950-
070.190941 Broadcast journalism : techniques of radio and televisi Stewart, Peter (Peter John)
070.4 Innovators in digital news / Lucy Küng Küng, Lucy
070.484 Citizen media and public spaces : diverse expressions o
071.3 Engaged journalism : connecting with digitally empowere Batsell, Jake
079.4 Professionalism in journalism in the era of new media /
153.42 Critical thinking : tools for taking charge of your lea Paul, Richard
194 Thinking in time : an introduction to Henri Bergson / S Guerlac, Suzanne, 1950-
300.72 Development fieldwork : a practical guide
300.72 Qualitative research & evaluation methods : integrating Patton, Michael Quinn
300.723 How to conduct surveys : a step-by-step guide / Arlene Fink, Arlene
301.01 A critical introduction to queer theory / Nikki Sulliva Sullivan, Nikki, 1962-
302.2 Introducing intercultural communication : global cultur Liu, Shuang
302.222 Visual methodologies : an introduction to researching w Rose, Gillian, 1962-
302.23 Media effects and society / Elizabeth M. Perse, Jennife Perse, Elizabeth M.
302.23 Introduction to media literacy / W. James Potter (Unive Potter, W. James
302.231 Cosmopolitanism and the new news media / edited by Lili
302.35 Organizational behaviour / David A. Buchanan, Andrzej A Buchanan, David A.
303.4097309034 Social change in America : from the Revolution through Clark, Christopher, 1953-
303.482 Governing globalization : challenges for democracy and Kolodziej, Edward A.
303.60942 A fiery & furious people : a history of violence in Eng Sharpe, J. A.
303.6230954 The fiction of fact-finding : Modi & Godhra / Manoj Mit Mitta, Manoj
303.625 Understanding terrorism : building on the sociological
303.69 Mediation : a psychological insight into conflict resol Strasser, Freddie
304.84 European encounters : migrants, migration and European
305 Fractured identities : changing patterns of inequality Bradley, Harriet
305 Global inequality / Kenneth McGill McGill, Kenneth B.
305.23 The social study of childhood : an introduction / Sally McNamee, Sally
305.235089956 A sociology of Japanese youth : from returnees to NEETs
305.420954 New South Asian feminisms : paradoxes and possibilities
305.50973 The great divide : unequal societies and what we can do Stiglitz, Joseph E.
305.6970941 Veiled threats : representing ‘the Muslim woman’ in UK Rashid, Naaz
305.8 Theories of race and ethnicity : contemporary debates a
305.800973 Bind us apart : how enlightened Americans invented raci Guyatt, Nicholas, 1973-
305.80097526 A new deal for all? : race and class struggles in Depre Skotnes, Andor
306.449 Language policy / Bernard Spolsky Spolsky, Bernard
306.45 The wounded storyteller : body, illness, and ethics / A Frank, Arthur W.
306.4613 The becoming of bodies : girls, images, experience / Re Coleman, Rebecca
306.74096 To live freely in this world : sex worker activism in A Mgbako, Chi
306.766 The material queer : a LesBiGay cultural studies reader
306.766 The Routledge queer studies reader / edited by Donald E
306.766 A critical introduction to queer theory / Nikki Sulliva Sullivan, Nikki, 1962-
306.766097309051 Women and gay men in the postwar period / John Portman Portmann, John
306.7703 The languages of sexuality / by Jeffrey Weeks Weeks, Jeffrey, 1945-
307.76 Ecological urbanism : the nature of the city / Susannah Hagan, Susannah
320.12 Power shift : on the new global order / Richard Falk Falk, Richard A.
320.3 Doing comparative politics : an introduction to approac Lim, Timothy C., 1960-
320.52098 The right in Latin America : elite power, hegemony and Cannon, Barry
320.53209669 Naija Marxisms : revolutionary thought in Nigeria / Ada Mayer, Adam
320.5330941 The culture of fascism : visions of the far right in Br
320.60951 China in the era of Xi Jinping : domestic and foreign p
321.8 Beasts and gods : how democracy changed its meaning and Fuller, Roslyn
321.8 Democracy in decline : rebuilding its future / Philip K Kotler, Philip
323.1196073 How it feels to be free : black women entertainers and Feldstein, Ruth, 1965-
323.173 The ethnic and group identity movements : earning recog Malaspina, Ann, 1957-
323.42 Politics against domination / Ian Shapiro Shapiro, Ian
324.24107 The Crosland legacy : the future of British social demo Diamond, Patrick
324.2410709051 Corbyn : the strange rebirth of radical politics / Rich Seymour, Richard
327 Post-western world : how emerging powers are remaking g Stuenkel, Oliver
327.1 Foreign policy : theories, actors, cases / edited by St
327.101 International relations theories : discipline and diver
327.101 International relations theory today / edited by Ken Bo
327.12 The image of the enemy : intelligence analysis of adver
327.12 National intelligence and science : beyond the great di Agrell, Wilhelm
327.1273 Old boys : the American elite and the origins of the CI Hersh, Burton
327.4104 Continental drift : Britain and Europe from the end of Grob-Fitzgibbon, Benjamin John
327.47 Beyond Crimea : the new Russian empire / Agnia Grigas Grigas, Agnia, 1979-
327.47009049 Explaining Russian foreign policy behavior : theory and Sergunin, A. A. (Aleksandr Anatol’evich)
327.5 Asia Pacific in world politics / Derek McDougall McDougall, Derek, 1945-
327.5104 China and the West : hope and fear in the age of Asia / Obbema, Fokke
327.540090512 Modi and the world : the ring view inside out / Yamini Chowdhury, Yamini
327.7100905 The world won’t wait : why Canada needs to rethink its
327.73056 Obstacle to peace : the US role in the Israeli-Palestin Hammond, Jeremy R.
330.900112 The rise and fall of nations : ten rules of change in t Sharma, Ruchir
332.6730959 The ASEAN comprehensive investment agreement : the regi Chaisse, Julien
335.02 Giddens and politics beyond the Third Way : utopian rea Kolarz, Peter, 1983-
335.4 Marx 2020 : after the crisis / Ronaldo Munck Munck, Ronaldo
335.4345 China and the new Maoists / Kerry Brown and Simone van Brown, Kerry, 1967-
338.74 Firm commitment : why the corporation is failing us and Mayer, C. P. (Colin P.)
338.90072 Research for development : a practical guide / Sophie L
338.927072 Methods of sustainability research in the social scienc
338.954 In pursuit of Lakshmi : the political economy of the In Rudolph, Lloyd I.
340.071141 The legal academic’s handbook / edited by Chris Ashford
341 International law / Malcolm N. Shaw QC Shaw, Malcolm N. (Malcolm Nathan), 1947-
341.2422 Slippery slope : Europe’s troubled future / Giles Merri Merritt, Giles
341.2422 Citizens in Europe : essays on democracy, constitutiona Offe, Claus
341.420942 Boundaries : procedures for property boundary identific
341.63 Ethics and autonomous weapons / Alex Leveringhaus Leveringhaus, Alex
342.4102 The changing constitution / edited by Jeffrey Jowell, D
342.41082 Immigration law / Kevin Browne, LLB, solicitor Browne, Kevin
342.41085 Human rights law / Bernadette Rainey Rainey, Bernadette
342.410873 Legal control of racial discrimination / Laurence Lustg Lustgarten, Laurence
344.4101 Employment law in context : text and materials / David Cabrelli, David A.
344.4101 Employment law / Roger Welch and Caroline Strevens Welch, Roger
344.41041 Medical law and ethics / Jonathan Herring Herring, Jonathan
344.41041 Medical law : text, cases and materials / Emily Jackson Jackson, Emily, 1966-
344.730413 Ethics and law in dental hygiene / Phyllis L. Beemsterb Beemsterboer, Phyllis
345.420253 Rook & Ward on sexual offences : law and practice / HH Rook, Peter F. G. (Peter Francis Grosvenor),
345.7304 I’m sorry for what I’ve done : the language of courtr Gruber, M. Catherine, 1967-
346.04679 Energy, governance and sustainability / edited by Jordi
346.41032 Party wall etc. Act 1996 : an easy guide / A.M. Frame Frame, A. M. (Alex M.)
346.41078 Annotated guide to the insolvency legislation Sealy, L. S.
346.42015 Family law / Jonathan Herring Herring, Jonathan
346.42015 Family and succession law in England and Wales / Rebecc Probert, Rebecca
346.4202 Casebook on contract law / Jill Poole LLB, LLM, FHEA, F Poole, Jill
346.4203 Tort law / Kirsty Horsey, Erika Rackley Horsey, Kirsty
346.420323 Guidelines for the assessment of general damages in per Langstaff, Brian F. J.
346.4204 Neighbour disputes : a guide to the law and practice / Agnew, Donald
346.42043 Property law and practice / Clare Harris and Anne Rodel Harris, Clare
346.42043 Textbook on land law / Judith-Anne MacKenzie, LLM, AKC, MacKenzie, Judith-Anne
346.42043 Land law : text, cases, and materials / Ben McFarlane, McFarlane, Ben
346.42052 Parry & Kerridge : the law of succession Kerridge, R. (Roger)
346.42052 Wills, administration and taxation law and practice King, L. C.
346.42059 Trusts and equity / Richard Edwards, LLB, LLM, formerl Edwards, Richard, 1946-
349.42 An introduction to law / Phil Harris Harris, Phil, 1949-
352.230973 The presidency and the political system / Michael Nelso
352.230973 Presidential government / Benjamin Ginsberg Ginsberg, Benjamin
355.0094709043 The Red Army and the Great Terror : Stalin’s purge of t Whitewood, Peter
355.02 Strategic studies : a reader / edited by Thomas G. Mahn
355.033 Freedom from fear, freedom from want : an introduction Hanlon, Robert J.
355.033073 Assessing war : the challenge of measuring success and
355.3420973 Selling war : a critical look at the military’s PR mach Alvarez, Steven J.
355.42 Hybrid warfare : fighting complex opponents from the an Murray, Williamson
356.16 Hybrid war : is the U.S. Army ready for the face of 21s Jordan, Larry R.
356.16 Strategic implications of hybrid war : a theory of vict Lasica, Daniel T.
358.403 Air power : a global history / Jeremy Black Black, Jeremy, 1955-
362.6091734 Rural ageing : a good place to grow old? / edited by No
363.25 An introduction to forensic linguistics : language in e Coulthard, Malcolm
363.325 The al-Qaeda franchise : the expansion of al-Qaeda and Mendelsohn, Barak, 1971-
363.325 Irregular war : ISIS and the new threat from the margin Rogers, Paul, 1943-
363.3250941 Home-grown jihad : understanding Islamist terrorism i Mullins, Sam
363.34526 Introduction to internationa Coppo
363.470973 New views on pornography : sexuality, politics, and the
363.8 Hungry city : how food shapes our lives / Carolyn Steel Steel, Carolyn
363.8830941 Hunger pains : life inside foodbank Britain / Kayleigh Garthwaite, Kayleigh
364.1082 Female prisoners, AIDS, and peer programs : how female Collica, Kimberly
364.1532 Rape during civil war / Dara Kay Cohen Cohen, Dara Kay, 1979-
364.36 Global perspectives on desistance : reviewing what we k
364.94 Threats and phantoms of organised crime, corruption and Colloquium on Cross-Border Crime. (4th :Unive
370.1523 Learning theories simplified : … and how to apply the Bates, Bob
370.1523 SOLO taxonomy : a guide for schools Hook, Pam
371.1024 Classroom behaviour : a practical guide to effective te Rogers, Bill, 1947-
371.141240941 A handbook for teaching assistants : teachers and assis Fox, Glenys
371.822 A feminist manifesto for education / Miriam E. David David, Miriam E.
371.90460941 Achievement and inclusion in schools / Lani Florian, Kr Florian, Lani
371.92 Supporting children with cerebral palsy / Rob Grayson, Grayson, Rob
371.93 Supporting children with behaviour issues in the classr Carr, Sarah, 1966-
372.21 Gender, sex and children’s play / Jacky Kilvington and Kilvington, Jacky
384.55506573 The Netflix effect : technology and entertainment in th
388.31 Traffic engineering and transport planning / edited by
398.210947 Morphology of the folktale / by V. Propp ; edited with Propp, V. IìA (Vladimir IìAkovlevich), 1895-1
401.41 Discourse reflexivity in linear unit grammar : the case Smart, C. R. (Cameron Ross), 1946-
401.43 Corpus stylistics as contextual prosodic theory and sub Louw, Bill
401.93 Child language : acquisition and development / Matthew Saxton, Matthew
410.188 Corpus-based research in applied linguistics : studies
410.285 How to do linguistics with R : data exploration and sta Levshina, Natalia
415.9 Language periphery : monocollocable words in English, I C‹erma´k, Frantis‹ek
420 World Englishes : a critical analysis / Mario Saraceni Saraceni, Mario, 1969-
425 The (ir)reversibility of English binomials : corpus, co Mollin, Sandra
427 Grammatical change in English world-wide / edited by Pe
428.24024657 English for accountancy in higher education studies Scott, Roger, 1942-
519.50285 Business statistics using Excel & SPSS / Nick Lee & Mik Lee, Nick, 1975-
529 Time : a vocabulary of the present / edited by Joel Bur
550 Lecture tutorials for earth science / Karen M. Kortz, J Kortz, Karen M.
571.74 Signal transduction : pathways, mechanisms and diseases
610 The wounded storyteller : body, illness, and ethics / A Frank, Arthur W.
610.72 Introduction to research in the health sciences / Steph Polgar, Stephen
610.9 Mirage of health : utopias, progress, and biological ch Dubos, Rene´ J. (Rene´ Jules), 1901-1982
613.70973 Fit for America : health, fitness, sport, and American Green, Harvey, 1946-
614.19 Introduction to forensic psychology : research and appl Bartol, Curt R., 1940-
616.025 UK ambulance services clinical practice guidelines 2016
616.0754 Imaging science / Peter Carter Carter, P. H. (Peter H.)
616.07572 Chesneys’ equipment for student radiographers / Peter C
616.07572 Radiographic imaging : concepts and principles / Richar Carlton, Richard R.
617.5407572 Chest x-ray made easy / Jonathan Corne, MA, PhD, MB, BS Corne, Jonathan
617.715 Investigative techniques and ocular examination / edite
620.0014 Communication skills : a guide for engineering and appl Davies, John W.
620.00420285536 PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 for designers / CADCIM Technolo CADCIM Technologies,
620.11 Transmaterial 3 : a catalog of materials that redefine
634.90944 Forests in revolutionary France : conservation, communi Matteson, Kieko
650.072 Business research : a practical guide for undergraduate Collis, Jill
658.0072 Business research : a practical guide for undergraduate Collis, Jill
658.15 Financial accounting for decision makers / Peter Atrill Atrill, Peter
658.314 Managing creativity in organizations : critique and pra Styhre, Alexander
658.4 Corporate governance : principles, policies, and practi Tricker, R. Ian (Robert Ian)
658.4012 Strategy & strategists / James Cunningham & Brian Harne Cunningham, James, 1972-
658.4012 Strategic management : strategists at work / Robert Mac MacIntosh, Robert
658.4012 Practicing strategy : text & cases / Sotirios Paroutis, Paroutis, Sotirios
658.4012 Strategy in practice : a practitioner’s guide to strate Tovstiga, George
658.4092 Leadership and management development / Jan Carmichael
658.81 Sales management : a multinational perspective / edited
658.81 Sales management : strategy, process and practice Cuevas, Javier Marcos
658.8270247416 Creating a brand identity : a guide for designers / Cat Slade, Catharine
658.8343 The intuitive customer : 7 imperatives for moving your Shaw, Colin, 1958-
686.224 Detail in typography : letters, letterspacing, words, w Hochuli, Jost
690.21 Building condition surveys / Mike Hoxley Hoxley, Michael
720.1 Questions of perception : phenomenology of architecture Holl, Steven
720.28 Visual notes for architects and designers / Norman Crow Crowe, Norman
720.28 Drawing out the interior / Ro Spankie Spankie, Ro
720.47 POG : pod off-grid : explorations into low energy water Pomeroy, Jason
720.92 Under the edge : the architecture of Peter Stutchbury / McEoin, Ewan
720.92 Carme Pino´s : Architectures / cedited by Daniela Colaf Pino´s, Carme
721.04 Material strategies : innovative applications in archit Brownell, Blaine, 1970-
721.044 Material strategies : innovative applications in archit Brownell, Blaine, 1970-
724.6 Surrealism and architecture / edited by Thomas Mical
724.6 Twenty-five buildings every architect should understand Unwin, Simon, 1952-
724.7 Cities : architecture and society : 10. Mostra internaz International Architectural Exhibition (10th
724.9 Alvar Aalto in his own words / edited and annotated by
724.9 Utzon and the new tradition / editors, Martin Keiding,a
724.9 Additive architecture / Mogens Prip-Buus Prip-Buus, Mogens, 1932-
724.9 Twenty-five buildings every architect should understand Unwin, Simon, 1952-
729 Form and structure in interior architecture / Graeme Br Brooker, Graeme
729.29 Spaces speak, are you listening? : experiencing aural a Blesser, Barry
741.5973 Golden age All-winners Simon, Joe
741.6 Communication design : insights from the creative indus Yates, Derek
741.6072 Visual research : an introduction to research methods i Noble, Ian, 1960-
745.501 Why we make things and why it matters : the education o Korn, Peter, 1951-
778.926 Family photographs : content, meaning and effect / Juli Hirsch, Julia
780.2373 Music business handbook and career guide / David Basker Baskerville, David
782.1409410904 British musical theatre since 1950 / Robert Gordon, Ola Gordon, Robert, 1951 November 28-
782.42166092 Autobiography / Morrissey Morrissey
791.43 Post-theory : reconstructing film studies / edited by D
791.4301 Film art : an introduction Bordwell, David
791.4301 Signs and meaning in the cinema / Peter Wollen ; with a Wollen, Peter
791.43015 Film and television analysis : an introduction to metho Benshoff, Harry M., 1963-
791.43026 The fashion of film : how cinema has inspired fashion / Butchart, Amber
791.430954 India’s new independent cinema : rise of the hybrid / A Devasundaram, Ashvin Immanuel
791.43624585 World film locations
791.43653 The matter of images : essays on representations / Rich Dyer, Richard, 1945-
791.45 Television criticism / Victoria O’Donnell (Montana Stat O’Donnell, Victoria
791.450941 British television drama : a history / Lez Cooke Cooke, Lez
794.81526 Introduction to 3D game programming with DirectX 12 / F Luna, Frank D.
808.06692 Creative journal writing : the art and heart of reflect Dowrick, Stephanie
809.29358 Modern war on stage and screen = Der moderne Krieg auf
809.3 The value of the novel / Peter Boxall Boxall, Peter
809.3 Beginnings : intention and method / Edward W. Said Said, Edward W.
809.38762 Archaeologies of the future : the desire called utopia Jameson, Fredric
809.3923 Time and narrative Ric€ur, Paul
809.93352 Prostitution and eighteenth-century culture : sex, comm
810.6 The value of Emily Dickinson / Mary Loeffelholz (Northe Loeffelholz, Mary, 1958-
810.72 The big sleep / Raymond Chandler Chandler, Raymond, 1888-1959
810.72 The Audre Lorde compendium : essays, speeches and journ Lorde, Audre
820.6039352 Time is of the essence : temporality, gender, and the N Murphy, Patricia, 1951-
820.71 ‘The World’ and other unpublished works of Radclyffe Ha Hall, Radclyffe
820.72 The stone gods / Jeanette Winterson Winterson, Jeanette, 1959-
820.8 The bride stripped bare / Nikki Gemmell Gemmell, Nikki
820.8 There but for the / Ali Smith Smith, Ali, 1962-
839.8274 Sophie’s world / Jostein Gaarder ; translated by Paulet Gaarder, Jostein, 1952-
895.65 After dark / Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japa Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
895.65 Haruki Murakami and the music of words / Jay Rubin Rubin, Jay, 1941-
901 The practice of conceptual history : timing history, sp Koselleck, Reinhart
907.5 Interpreting difficult history at museums and historic Rose, Julia
909.09822 Blue-water empire : the British in the Mediterranean si Holland, R. F. (Robert F.)
909.831 Reflections on world affairs : peace and politics / Ahm Zewail, Ahmed H.
910.01 A student’s introduction to geographical thought : theo Couper, Pauline
910.02 An introduction to physical geography and the environme
910.721 Key methods in geography
910.727 Statistical methods for geography : a student’s guide / Rogerson, Peter
911.41 The countryside ideal : Anglo-American images of landsc Bunce, M. F.
940.3 A war of peoples : 1914-1919 / Adrian Gregory Gregory, Adrian
940.314 Cataclysm 1914 : the First World War and the making of
940.48641 Codebreakers : the secret intelligence unit that change Wyllie, James
940.488 Propaganda and Hogarth’s line of beauty in the First Wo Williams, Georgina, 1934-
940.531811 Black earth : the Holocaust as history and warning / Ti Snyder, Timothy
940.5341 Britain’s war Todman, Daniel
940.541343 Hitler’s soldiers : the German army in the Third Reich Shepherd, Ben (Ben H.)
940.54217 Barbarossa 1941 : reframing Hitler’s invasion of Stalin Ellis, Frank, 1953-
940.542521954 The most controversial decision : Truman, the atomic bo Miscamble, Wilson D., 1954-
941.085092 Harold Wilson : the unprincipled Prime Minister? : reap
942.05 The extraordinary and the everyday in early modern Engl
942.733084 War torn : Manchester, its newspapers and the Luftwaffe Hodgson, Guy
943.086092 Hitler’s compromises : coercion and consensus in Nazi G Stoltzfus, Nathan
943.155086 Hitler’s Berlin : abused city / Thomas Friedrich ; tran Friedrich, Thomas, 1948-2011
944 Society, culture and the auditory imagination in modern Sykes, Ingrid
947.0842092 The last days of Stalin / Joshua Rubenstein Rubenstein, Joshua
947.086 The new Russia / Mikhail Gorbachev ; translated by Arch Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich, 1931-
949.5076 Welcome to the poisoned chalice : the destruction of Gr Galbraith, James K.
951.24905 Accidental state : Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, Lin, Hsiao-ting
956 What the British did : two centuries in the Middle East Mangold, Peter
956.054 America’s war for the greater Middle East : a military Bacevich, Andrew J.
967.5710431 Remediation in Rwanda : grassroots legal forums / Krist Doughty, Kristin
973.2 Indians and English : facing off in early America / Kar Kupperman, Karen Ordahl, 1939-
973.31 The common cause : creating race and nation in the Amer Parkinson, Robert G.
973.311 Passion is the gale : emotion, power, and the coming of Eustace, Nicole
973.313 The Declaration of Independence : a global history / Da Armitage, David, 1965-
973.4 Launching the Extended Republic : the Federalist Era
973.931092 Bush / Jean Edward Smith Smith, Jean Edward

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