Box of Broadcasts (BoB) update

Update 20.09.16 – Box of Broadcasts (BoB) have now advised that:

  • You should by now have access to all your old clips.
  • The redirects from all old saved links except embed codes will be working again shortly.  Links will redirect once all the content is back in place.  At the moment, the vast majority of programs are available but you need to search for them in BoB.
  • Clips that you have made can be found via MyBoB. It is not currently possible to search for clips created by other users at the moment but BoB promise this function will be available again soon.

If you do not have access to your old links or content, something might have gone wrong with your content migration.  Please contact in the first instance: please describe your problem and tell us the email address you used to sign into the new version of BoB.  We will contact BoB and attempt to resolve any issues for you.


Box of Broadcasts (BoB) have announced that following the platform upgrade, all old playlists and clips have now been imported and should be available.  Please follow the instructions below carefully to ensure your saved clips and playlists remain available in the new system.

Importing saved BoB clips and playlists

If you have used BoB before and have saved playlists and clips, on signing in, you should see an orange banner prompting you to import playlists and clips saved under the email address registered previously.  Please ensure you are using the same email address as in the old system if you want to import your old clips and playlists.  You must then select ‘yes’; clips and playlists will be imported straight away.  (If you choose ‘no’, you will not see the prompt again.)

Assuming you have chosen to import your old clips and playlists, you will then be presented with a green banner reporting on the import of your playlists. Expand the link to see details of any programmes that were not imported successfully.  This is shown to you only once and cannot be be recalled.  It is strongly recommended that you take a screenshot or save for offline viewing if you need an item in the list.  Click on the Windows Start button and search for “Snipping Tool” for a quick and effective way to save an image of this list.  Drag the box to cover the list then save the screenshot(s) somewhere safe for future reference.

If you do not see the orange banner as expected, please check you have entered and verified the same email address you used in the old version of BoB.  If the correct email address is confirmed, try clearing your browser cache (try pressing Ctrl + F5 on Windows first, then try clearing your browsing history, all cookies and web data via your browser’s settings menu, and finally try a different browser).

Link redirection

All links saved before the August 2016 upgrade are scheduled to redirect to their new locations by the end of September.

Multipart clips

BoB are developing a new multi-part clip function but at present, multi-part clips are not supported by BoB.  Any old multi-part clips that you import will have become playlists of single clips.

iOS bug

Some users of Apple devices running older versions of iOS have reported difficulties with playback.  BoB intends to implement a fix shortly.

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