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Our new business-to business-database (B2B)  Canadean Consumer is a useful tool for country and consumer research. It provides a variety of reports, case studies and analyses into consumer trends that drive global markets. Market research is undertaken by a network of 150 local researchers in over 80 global locations. Our subscription has been used partly to help innovators, marketing and product development students who will find the unique Pack-Track service helpful in identifying new packaging trends across the world.

Access to Canadean Consumer is slightly different to the normal route of logging in.

Please note:

  • You must register on campus
  • You can then use your registered username and password on campus and off campus to log in to your account
  • You can’t register off campus

There are several ways of searching for information.  My favourite is an image-based method on the Canadean home page which presents a colourful TrendSights framework of trends and sub-trends driven by consumer taste and preferences.  It looks rather like a map or network of the London Underground, with similar coloured tube lines, and by clicking on themes you are taken to relevant insight analyses, case studies and opinions.

For example, by clicking on Health and Wellness at the top of the ‘map’ I was presented with a single line (the same colour as the Jubilee Line).  Clicking on one of the options or sub-trends,  Fresh, Natural & Pure, I was presented with a consumer definition (some also have audio presentations by expert analysts) and a list of 26 relevant results.  I clicked on the article: Lifestylers are here to stay (2016) which could be downloaded as a Word or PDF document. Another result, Foresights: Edible Seaweed (2012) could be downloaded as a full PDF report. The summary stated that: Edible Seaweed looks at the opportunities for the use of seaweed as a mainstream food ingredient in the Western world, having long formed a substantial part of the Asian diet due to its highly nutritious and flavorful properties. Now that I eat sushi I can certainly vouch for its tastiness!

The second way to search is by using keywords in the search box at the top of the home page.  I searched for coffee which located 74 results.  You could then refine your search by adding another keyword.  I found several interesting pieces on Starbucks and their future strategy.  Starbucks is due to open its first coffee house in Milan next year.  ITALY – the home of perfect coffee!  Foresight or folly?! These are interesting times.  See this BBC article if you want to read how fiercely loyal the Italians are about their coffee. It was obviously written before the news broke about Starbucks!

You will also find Profiles of 160 cities around the world, containing information and statistics on the following areas: political, economic, social, technological & infrastructure, business environment and retail.

There is also the Pack-Track section, which I referred to earlier.  You can use advanced keyword searching or you can choose from criteria which includes: Product Category, Company and Countries & Regions. This is probably a more focused way of searching. There is also a helpful guide and  glossary. You can search for product details and drill down to see photographs displaying individual packaging components.

You will also find links to Interactive Data, Trend Trackers and a total of 249 Case Studies (if you are doing a general search for case studies). Personalisation is quite handy with several tools to help save your search results, set up alerts, ‘Ask an Analyst’ and provide interactive help building your own reports.

It’s a straightforward database to use with good navigation tools so, if you decide to use it, I hope you find what you are looking for. If not please contact or your Business Librarians. There is also an email and a London phone number if you wish to seek direct help.


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