Surviving the annual exam period

You cannot do well in any exam that you sleep through…

The best revision is always a sound night’s sleep.  Spare yourself anxiety: know where you need to be and when for each exam.  Arrive unhurried, in good time, and make sure you live healthily and sustainably.  Here are a few tips on getting the most from your revision and exams.

Stay well

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink plenty – use the water fountain (down the corridor just to the left of the main entrance; ask for a water bottle refill in the café if the water fountain is not working)
  • Get enough, regular sleep (at home!)
  • Exercise often

Take regular breaks

  • Move and stretch to avoid getting stiff
  • Focus on a completely different task to reset your mind and help you concentrate better and remember more from your revision

Seek variety

  • A change of scene and subject can help you maintain perspective

Chat to your friends

  • A problem shared is often a problem halved.  Meet your friends in the Library cafe, 3rd Space, the Group Study zone on the ground floor and have a brief chat about anything that troubles you

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