The hottest ticket in town

Students studying at The University LibraryApparently your student card is your ticket to the “hottest night spot” in town (for final year students at least), according to this article in The Tab.  Not sure quite how we managed that but it is good to be popular.

Putting the record straight

There were just a few things I wanted to add…

Cold food vs. Street food 

We are really happy for you to bring in your own cold food and any non-alcoholic drinks.  It isn’t that we have shares in vending machine companies, just that hot food tends to spread its grease and smell everywhere.  We don’t want to find ourselves standing on ladders degreasing the walls and shelves one day, and the smell bothers other students (we know because they complain to us), so please think of others and eat your takeaway on the way over to the Library and not inside it.*

Cardless visits welcome

You can now walk in without your student card and use the Library (coming and going as often as you please) for 24 hours as long as you can remember your student ID number.  You can just use the shiny new kiosk just behind you as you stand searching your pockets for your student card outside the entrance turnstiles.  If you are totally stuck, please ask our Reception team.  You just need to remember to keep a firm hold on your temporary ticket because it is the only thing that will let you in (or out) for the next 24 hours – even your student card won’t work during this period!

Keep your valuables with you, keep them safe!

While we ask everyone not to try to reserve seats at peak times, the sight of an open bag left unattended in a half-empty space prompts the plea, please don’t leave valuables unattended (anywhere, ever).  The Library is a relatively safe space but almost nowhere is completely safe.  Clearly you don’t need to be dealing with a missing set of bank cards just as you are trying to top up your credit to pay for your dissertation printing!

* We welcome constructive suggestions and ideas on all aspects of what we offer and how we work.  Almost everything we do has been shaped by Student Led Change and our observations of how our clients want to work.  Let us know what you think and be a part of our future!  Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, comment below or anonymously post to the Online Suggestion Box on our website.  We also have suggestion slips you can post to us using our red post box in Area 0A if you have grown tired of typing!  

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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