Marine Digimap free trial

Do you study the sea?  If so you might be interested in our new free trial to Marine Digimap running until 19th May 2016.   This resource depicts the UK marine and coastal zone environment and includes images of official charts, plus a vector dataset that includes themes such as bathymetry, conservation areas, man-made obstructions and marine use.
Our Map Librarian would like to consider purchasing this addition to Digimap, so please offer any feedback on whether it is useful to you to David Sherren (

Logging into the trial

You will need to log in using a specific username and password used for this trial.  Instead of the usual University login, choose “Login via UK Federation” then type in “EDINA” and choose “EDINA (staff and trials)”.  You will then be able to log in using the username and password listed on the Off campus passwords page (to access the Off campus passwords page you need to follow this link and then log in with your usual University username and password).

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