Wireless networking: where best to get connected

Update 31/03/16 – The wireless network has been strengthened by IS and usage has declined, so the wireless network is now working normally again in the Library and surrounding buildings.  Thank you for your patience.
Wireless network access (wifi) in the Library, 3rd Space and surrounding buildings is working at capacity.  As a result, some clients are experiencing difficulties connecting to the network.   This is expected to be a problem only during this peak usage period until around Easter and is currently worst in the afternoons.


  • Work (wirelessly or at a computer) in one of the other open access areas on campus – in Park, Richmond, Portland and (if you like Apple Macs) Eldon, which at present are reportedly working normally;
  • use a networked Library PC (again despite investing in hundreds more PCs usage is nearing capacity at the moment);
  • plug in underneath a table using an ethernet cable (only sockets on the Library ground floor allow this).

Wireless network enhancements next year should ensure wireless capacity is always sufficient to meet demand in future.  We thank you for your patience.

Library help anywhere

If you are working elsewhere, remember you can still ask a friendly member of Library staff for help from anywhere by online chat, web form (we will email you back very soon), or phone (T: 023 9284 3228).