Creative Arts Book of the Week 07/03/16

I am stretching the definition of book his week to introduce you to El Croquis: International Architecture MagazineThe University Library chose to shelve El Croquis with its book collections, perhaps because each edition focuses on a particular architect or practice, rather more like a monograph than a magazine. Each edition of this dual language publication (Spanish and English) records a conversation with the architect and provides images, detail drawings and information about each of their key building projects. The print edition is shelved at 724.9 CRO but the good news is that we now have access electronically. Follow the links from the eJournals tab on the library homepage and search for El Croquis. You will see that you can search the contents or go straight to the Publisher’s Site to browse.

If you are searching for a particular building or architect, it is worth doing this via the search box you see when arriving at the Discovery Publications page. You will find some articles to get you started. Once you arrive at the publisher’s site, you choose a volume to read. It is worth taking a few moments to familiarise yourself with the interface. Choose the English language option to begin with. When you select a volume you will arrive at the cover page. Arrows at the side permit you to turn over the page, but there are a number of options along the bottom of the screen which can help you to read it more easily. You will notice a small, almost hidden arrow in the centre – click on this to reveal a scrolling bar of page thumbnails. This is a helpful way to browse through the issue. The other useful option is the magnifier – you pull the dot downwards to increase the size of the page – that took me a little while to work out!

Our licence permits 5 simultaneous users, so if you are unsuccessful on your first visit, do try a little later. If you want to access this resource from home, you will need to set up access to the Web Proxy. Judging by the happy faces of some of the postgraduates in a recent teaching session, I’m sure you will enjoy it!



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