Robobraille – text digitised and simplified

RobobrailleRobobraille has been mentioned before on Liblog but it is worth drawing out as a particularly good app for converting a picture of text into the real thing online. No, it is not intended to help you more easily copy and paste the work of others into your essays without quotation marks, that is called plagiarism.  Plagiarism is bad.

Robobraille excels at reliably turning files, web pages and even images of printed books, journals, newspapers and magazines that you might not want to or be easily able to read into plain text or even an mp3 sound file, allowing you to use your computer, phone or tablet to help you speed read it or have it read out loud to you.  This can be useful whether you struggle to read text, learn better from hearing information instead of reading it, have tired eyes and just want to listen, or learn best reading and listening to the text, separately or at the same time.

Downloadable alternatives

Alternatives that you can download and use offline include OneNote and Office Lens.

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2 comments on “Robobraille – text digitised and simplified
  1. What a great set of useful tools you’ve shared recently! Thanks.
    [And, hello UoP library – I’m now working at Dundee & based in the library here – as an Educational Technologist]

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