Technology Book of the Week 4/12/15

In search of time: journeys along a curious dimension
This is probably straying into the science areas, but as it has such direct applications to technology, we’re going to include it anyway.

In Search of Time: journeys along a curious dimension by Dan Falk.

For a book that’s shelved along with other physics books, this is an immensely readable look at a subject which can actually become quite complex.   The author includes chapters on ‘heavenly clockwork’, ‘the persistence of memory’, ‘back to the future’ and ‘illusion and reality’ along with eight other which are just as interesting.  With quotes and illustrations and great story telling about some of the principle events and actors, Falk engages with not just time, but the host of topics it touches on.  He moves from our earliest ancestors’ perception of time through the Gregorian calendar’s introduction and philosophical thinking about time, to modern day scientists and thinkers.  This is a great book to read from end-to-end or just to dip into for something to make you think, or perhaps want to explore further.  It’s a handsome hardback book published by the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich and can be found at 529FAL up on the first floor.

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