ARTSTOR images not opening from within the Discovery Service

Problems have been reported opening ARTSTOR images from within the Discovery Service.  This problem has been caused by the pop-up blocker on university computers preventing these images from being opened.  This will be remedied for all PCs on campus within the next few days.

Until Information Services have fixed the problem, you can temporarily allow pop-ups from ARTSTOR on any computer you are using.  Hold the Control key when clicking on a link to an ARTSTOR image to open it in a new browser tab (or window, depending on your settings).  At the top of the first to open will be a strip advising that a pop-up has been blocked.  Choose Options… and Allow pop-ups for  This should enable you to open ARTSTOR images as normal from within Discovery for the rest of your session.

If you have any problems or still cannot make images display, please get in touch.