Finding Journal Titles in the Library

Observant returning students may have noticed that the journals tab has disappeared from the search widget at the top of Library webpages. This is because our Discovery service has been updated to incorporate journals as part of the core service rather than as a separate add on.

So how do you locate a particular journal title? Sue Stevenson, our Business School librarian explains ….

Print Journal Holdings

These can be found in the Library catalogue – a single entry under journal title will show our holdings and where the journal will be found.

Note only a limited number of e-journals appear in the catalogue.

E-Journal searches are now to be found within the Discovery tool.

There are many ways of searching for Journals titles on the Discovery tool. This is possibly the most specific route if looking to see if an e-title is available and to see links to publishers’ sites.

Publications choice:

Clicking on publications on the top toolbar in Discovery will bring up this Searching Library Journals box

As you type suggestions will appear to help you select the required item. Either continue to type or select a shown title. Then click on search.

Use of quotation marks will help give specific title only if too many results are offered. At present this tool is very new. If a title does not appear in the suggestions list I would recommend persevering and trying a search anyway.


In this example the journal is available from two places – note the variation in the years on offer. You can either go directly to these selections or you can use the general Discovery search to browse for articles from this specific publication. Recent articles will be identified and links to the pdfs on Taylor and Francis site given.

Note: It is possible to try a search for journal title from the basic Discovery search but do enclose title within double quotation marks “” to get specific results.

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