New Journal subscription: Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance

Welcome to the New Blue Journal…. So says the editor of the new journal Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (the official journal of the Aerospace Medical Association). In fact the journal isn’t new, it has had four titles and ten different covers since 1930 (and I am sure the content was very different 80 years ago!). Previously known as Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine the journal aims to support all who explore, travel, work, or live in hazardous environments ranging from beneath the sea to the outermost reaches of space. Articles in this first issue cover research topics including an investigation into the potential causes of unexpected vision impairment in astronauts, the efficiency of pilots’ protective garments when they are exposed to hypoxic conditions and the effect of diver apnea training on hypercapnic ventilator response. In addition to research articles the journal contains a literature review, a case report and various feature articles. My favourite section is entitled ‘You’re the Flight Surgeon’ where patients’ symptoms are presented, multiple choice diagnoses are offered and a discussion of the underlying theory and practice are offered.

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