‘Yarn bomb’ makes it into the OED

How exciting, June’s new word list from the Oxford English Dictionary includes ‘Yarn bomb’.

Does this mean that yarn bombing is no longer rebellious, under-ground and subversive, brightening an often grey and beige cityscape with a riot of colour and texture? Or does it mean that yarn bombing, like graffiti, is an accepted part of our landscape, bringing art and craft out of the gallery and into the community? The OED gives no hint at its subversive origins – it refers to it as a ‘form of street art’.

Read the definition on the OED Online, available from the University Library.  Why not check out some of the other new words too.

For more on yarn bombing, search the library’s Discovery service, you can find some scholarly articles such as Myzelev (2015) which relates activities such as this to third-wave feminism.

For more practical ideas visit the Craftivist Collective.

Myzelev, A. (2015). Creating Digital Materiality: Third-Wave Feminism, Public Art, and Yarn Bombing. Material Culture, 47(1), 58-78

Photo credit: Dave under Creative Commons licence

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