The Martian

A year or two back we stumbled across Andy Weir’s spellbinding novel The Martian.  One of few books that really is unputdownable once it has you in its grip.  It’s coming out as a film soon and we’ve just seen the trailer:

which makes it look as exciting as the book.  (Here’s hoping!)

Why is it relevant here?  Well, it’s probably a bit ‘local’ for the cosmologists as it’s concerned with an astronaut left behind on Mars when the mission he’s part of is aborted, but the engineers, scientists, technologists and perhaps even the mathematicians will find that it is based in real science, the real world and could reasonably happen today rather some futuristic science fiction.  The detail is incredible and the author creates a convincing – if claustrophobic – environment to keep the reader on the edge of the seat throughout.

Of wider interest is the very human story of survival against the odds and what it’s like to be really alone and a long way from home.

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