Our Sally on M.E. with video

It was International ME/CFS Awareness Day on the 12th May. To mark the occasion, Sally Callow, a member of UoP Library staff gave an informal awareness talk. In the audience was a good mixture of ME sufferers, family and friends of sufferers and people who have no link to M.E. who just wanted to learn and appreciate how nasty this illness can be.


The talk is as light and engaging as possible. Bamboozling the audience with medical jargon and politics wouldn’t help to raise awareness.

Here is the film of the talk. Apologies for the intermittent sound problems….it was a learning curve…..don’t do the moveable cardigan/long hair combo as it scratches the mic!! You can still hear what is being said though:


Please watch the whole thing; a lot of time and energy was put into planning, designing slides and finding resources to put across the message about how dreadful this illness is. This video has now gone viral and has been watched in many countries around the globe.

Awareness is crucial in the fight against Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). 250,000 people in the UK, and 17 million people worldwide, have the condition and yet there are no known causes. Awareness leads to funding and funding leads to treatment if not a cure.

Portsmouth’s “The News” ran an article on Sally’s talk – looks like we’re working with a celebrity!


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