New e-resources for you this Spring – arts

Some of the more important information resources arriving for the arts include archives for art,  architecture, fashion, and film.

Art & Architecture Archive

A full-text archive of magazines comprising key research material in the fields of art and architecture, dating from the late-nineteenth century to the twenty-first. Subjects covered include fine art, decorative arts, architecture, interior design, industrial design, and photography. The magazines are scanned from cover-to-cover and presented as full-colour page images; detailed indexing allows you to search, browse and find what you want quickly.

Women’s Wear Daily Archive

A comprehensive archive from the first issue in 1910 to material from publications in the past year of one of the fashion industry’s most influential reads.  Every page, article, advertisement and cover is reproduced in high-resolution images with searchable text and indexing.  This archive preserves key moments in the history of the women’s wear industry, as well as chronicling major designers, brands, retailers and advertisers.

Film Industry Data

Film Industry Data is an innovative way to analyse the film industry. This unique online tool provides access to vital data previously unavailable to students and researchers. It allows users to discover new insights and unlock a deeper understanding of film as a reflection of culture and society. With Film Industry Data it is finally possible to assess changes in popular taste, box office performance and trends in genre, as well as, crucially, factors governing studio decisions and policy. Equipped with this database, a detailed comprehension of the impact of film on society and the influence of particular directors or actors is now advanced

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