Creative Arts Book of the Week 22/04/15

Composite Landscapes: Photomontage and Landscape Architecture is the book I’ve chosen from the display this week.  I like books that can be used by lots of different audiences and this one might be useful for artists, photographers or landscape architects.  This book examines the practice of montage (“the overlay of one image over another to produce a composite image,” as explained in the preface) from the 18th through to the digital photomontage of today. Interestingly, the practice was used by landscape gardeners to represent the ever-changing landscape, before it was adopted by other areas of the visual arts.  Digital photomontage is now widely used by landscape architects in representing their world.

The University Library has other titles relating to photomontage and also digital compositing, which I hadn’t really associated with this technique, but the titles are mainly used by our Creative Technology students.  You can check the library catalogue yourself. For examples of how photomontage has been used by visual artists,  you may also be interested in exploring 2 of our online image databases: Artstor and Bridgeman Education.  Enjoy, when we next have a rainy day.

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